A Runner's Ramble

Reviewing My Blaydon Race

It’s almost been a week since the magical Blaydon Races arrived and I’m still buzzing from my performance. 

Running so close to sub-40 has been the barrier I wanted to break since my first run out in 2015, I may have to wait another year, but the desire and hunger remains. Continue reading “Reviewing My Blaydon Race”

Building For Blaydon

After the jubilation of finishing the Siglion Sunderland 10k, I don’t have to wait long for my next running event  The Blaydon Races.

Next Friday, I and thousands more, will work our way from Newcastle and across the River Tyne to Blaydon, in one of my top races to enter each year. Continue reading “Building For Blaydon”

The One After The Sunderland 10K

So, that, as they say, is that.

Two weeks ago, the three amigos of Katie, Peter and myself powered over the line to wrap the Siglion Sunderland 10k & Half Marathon. Continue reading “The One After The Sunderland 10K”

The One Before The Sunderland 10k

This is it. Four months of training, highs, lows and lots of  Totum Sport, have come down to this. Tomorrow, Team Totum will be heading to the start line of the Siglion Sunderland 10k & Half Marathon. Continue reading “The One Before The Sunderland 10k”

The One With a Trip To Dublin

Two weeks have flown by so quick that I have genuinely forgotten about the blogging side of A Runner’s Ramble. Continue reading “The One With a Trip To Dublin”

The One With Sore Legs

Six. Weeks. To. Go.

I can’t believe how fast time has flown since and how soon I, along with the other Team Totum-ers, will be hitting the streets of Sunderland seeking that elusive personal best.

But before I start, I have a slight confession. I reverted back to playing football. Continue reading “The One With Sore Legs”

The One With The Bog

The windup to the Siglion Sunderland 10km is ON!

I absolutely love it when the time comes to get the speed endurance in the legs and also, get that sensation, when you know that you can run the distance needed within a time that’s acceptable – of course, like every runner at every event, we always look for that PB. Continue reading “The One With The Bog”

The One With The HIIT

It’s strange to think how, one day, you’re so far past the point of tiredness, that you can barely peel yourself off the sofa and other days, you’ve gained energy out of nowhere – this is exactly how last week has been! Continue reading “The One With The HIIT”

The One With The Best Week

I genuinely think that, if you have a good day or week, it reflects in your training, likewise if it’s been a struggle.

Last week, I experienced one of the best weeks, I’ve ever, ever had. Although it’s been a tiring one, I’ve not stopped smiling as each day got better and better. Continue reading “The One With The Best Week”

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