Winter’s Coming – My First Week Back

After two weeks active recovery (first week definitely involved pizza and wine), I started my winter preparation and officially began the journey to becoming a runner, to be honest, it’s been a mixed week.

Monday kicked things off fantastically in the gym, I’ve missed it! But it almost started off as a disaster because I didn’t have a clue how to periodize a gym programme, I was at a loss! Should I do Olympic lifting? Heavy squats? Circuits? I didn’t know! 

Thankfully, Emma rustled up one for me to get started so I could relax and prepare!

Once I got going with the warm up and the exercises I was flying, Romanian Deadlift (RDL), squatting, it was all in there and I competed it with no hesitation, making sure that I set the weight to a point where I could lift it but it was nearly too tough to complete.

The day after I was rough. My legs were in bits, boy I’ve missed this!

But I was not to complete my first running session due to filming for Jarrow Roofing BCA Football Club. I was a bit gutted that I couldn’t start running with a new training group, it would have to wait until Thursday, I had a job to do, one that I love doing.

Wednesday, was a no-go. Me and Nick travelled to Maiden Castle to complete the last of our filming with the Elvet Striders (read my blog about them here). One week in and already I was two sessions down, but I’d make sure that I’d made it up in abundance.

Thursday came and I felt like a kid at Christmas, I had a day off from work but also had my first running session with a new running group at 7pm, I wanted time to speed up so I could crack on and meet whoever would be running.

Eventually, the time had nearly arrived. I left the flat about 6:45 and had a quick run down to get a bit of blood pumping and prepare for the session. Of course, me being me, I instantly turned shy and sat as far away from the group as I could. I knew who I was looking for but just couldn’t get the courage to go up and introduce myself until they practically left the building.

I had to get some confidence from somewhere and I did, I pretty much forced myself to go over and speak to the coach, Tony Gardner, who pointed me to his group and got me to run with them. A quick meet and greet and we were off running to the Quayside to complete a 5×1 miles session, which hurt, but i thoroughly enjoyed it and really got me hooked, as well as motivated, to do well here.

Friday morning was a very, very sore day. The slightest movement would trigger a dull, stiff pain from my glutes to my calves – I’ll have to get used to this kind of feeling, it didn’t help, that I planned to run the South Shields ParkRun the next day as part of my long run weekend.

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