Seafood Diet – I See Food And I Eat It

For years I’ve have inconsistent weeks of good and bad food. When it’s been bad, it’s lead to horrendous decisions for meals pre and post-training/competing. I have a basic understanding of what to eat depending on what session that I’m doing, but normally I try:


Breakfast: Beans on toast or jam, peanut butter and banana on toast or porridge. Glass of water with effervescent vitamin c tablet.

Post-training: Omelette or poached egg on bread with an oat bar. 2-3 litres of water.

Tea: Pasta bakes or poultry or red meat with vegetables with rice pudding after if I’m still hungry. Cordial juice or water.

Now that I’m running longer distances, I feel I needA LOT more carbs need to be consumed to fuel up (Emma keeps telling me this!), so that I can consistently keep up the longer reps and gym sessions without running on empty nearly – I’ve done it before when I used to sprint, ate too little and then fried during a tough winter track session and it would really piss me off (sorry for the blue language, but it really did!).

If I had that kind of reaction from a session I would be in a grumpy mood for the rest of the day/night, not because I wasn’t able to do it right, but because it was my fault I buggered it up. That still lingers with me every time I get the munchies.

I try to read articles or journals about dietary requirements, but some of it goes over my head. I know that every athlete is different and that not everyone (except the hardcore) can keep up the diet sometimes, whether that’s due to financial reasons or loss of motivation.

Young athletes like Jack Crosby, who I’d say is great role model for younger athletes, admitted at an Regional Awards evening last week, he eats the odd bag of crisps, bar of chocolate and even a pizza as a reward from training sessions or competitions, which made me feel less individualised.

I’d kind of use that same mentality and approach to my food. I try to maintain good, healthy meals for a week or extended period of time, then allow myself a treat of some. I owe a lot to Emma and my Mother for this, they cook brilliant dishes and are trying to get me to make bigger meals and add to my very blank/plain, mental recipe book.


Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a glass (bottle) of Merlot or a little pizza binge now and then.

I’m only human and I can’t be the only one, surely?

Do you struggle with diets? Comment below and let me know!

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