Goals, Goals & Goals!

Hello all!

Not a full blog post this week but more so a brief update on the goals that I’ve set myself for 2015.

Setting targets is a great way to keep, not only your mind focused on the task in hand, but also a great way to watch progression and have that unreal feeling of accomplishment. Come on, admit it, you like the feeling, don’t you? I knew it!

Anyway, before I set up the list of goals (purely for me, but I like to share!), last year’s goals were to get around the Great North Run course in one piece and in under two hours – two ticks for those, please!

This year however, the bar has to be raised. 2015’s goals are all about flexibility, times and position in races. I’ve got a year’s worth of experience in me now and I have a firm grasp in what to expect on race days, preparation, training and motivation. So here goes (I’ll explain why I’ve chose these at the bottom!)

Primary Goals:

Flexibility: Touch toes/floor without restriction
Achieve in: 3-6 months

The Monthly Mile: 5:30

Achieve in: 6 Months
Position: Top 5

5K Target Time: 20:00

Achieve in: 6 Months
Position: Top 20

10K Target Time: 45:00

Achieve in: 8 Months
Position: Top 20

HM Target Time: 1:40.00

Achieve in: 8 Months

Squat PB: 150kg

Current: 120kg
Achieve in: 8months

Power Clean PB: 110kg

Current: 100kg
Achieve in: 8 months

There you have it. Targets to achieve, some by the end of the season almost.

Obviously I’ve set the bar higher, as mentioned, to really push myself to make progress – not to the point of getting injured!

The time are self explanatory. Running these races is about having fun AND trying to out do your own PB (Personal Best). I know I’m capable of running sub 21, 45, and sub 6 minutes for 5k, 10k and the mile, these targets are nice little guidelines to see where I’m at or if I’m close to them by the end of the season.

The flexibility is a different one. I’ve had a very basic level of flexibility, nothing amazing but enough to get by – even though I’ve had my fair share of injuries.

I’ve never been able to touch the floor or my toes for that matter, ever since I took up sport. I’d love to be able to do that and I’m motivated. So, after each session, running or strength and conditioning, high or low volume, I’ll spend 5-10 minutes stretching.

Finally, I’ve included some strength targets for the gym. I’m fairly built and quite strong (although my core stability may disagree!) when it comes to my lifting. Last year I managed to power clean 95kg, with my PB at 100kg from 2011. I want to smash that by at least 10kg this year and the same goes for my squatting. I don’t have a set personal best, but remember going over 100kg, I’d like over 150kg. It’ll be tough, but I’m game!

What do you think? Do you have any targets this year?

Let me know!

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