The Monthly Mile

Last year, I received a message from my goods friends, Luke Adams and Nick Ridgeon, talking about a new event that will be starting at the beginning of 2014 called – The Monthly Mile.
I was asked if I could come down and film it on the launch night (I do the odd video journalism piece now and then), to help promote it. I didn’t have any hesitation and happily filmed in the pouring rain and chilling winds.

What I seen that night was incredible. Hundreds of people in their fluorescent and hi-viz running gear, running one mile around Bents Park and enjoying it. Women, Men, Boys and Girls of all shapes and sizes hitting the paths and sprinting to the finish line.I signed up for it immediately.

I love events like this; bringing a running community together, having a laugh whilst also doing something we all love and of course, running a fast time.

It’s such a unique event to do. Not many or any areas offer a timed mile which is so well organised, safe and enjoyable, it’s something that should be adopted by running groups to encourage more runners and people who wish to get fit – it’s a no brainier to see why The Monthly Mile was voted North East Project of the Year 2014.

As for the course, it’s pretty much flat almost, with one small hill, the rest is as even as you could wish for, which for people who are hunting for PBs, it’s spot on.

I’ll walk you through the course:

  1. Starting opposite to Minchella’s Cafe, it’s flat for about 150m or so, ideal for fast starters.
  2. Next is a slight right curve up the first and only hill, heading towards Westoe Crown Village.
  3. Another slight curve and it’s a flat straight along Bent’s Park Road – a good opportunity to open up the stride as you pass the football field and caravan park as you run towards the Marine Park.
  4. The penultimate corner and a welcomed bank to run down, perfect to generate momentum, this is where the pace goes up.
  5. At the final turn and the finish is in sight! You’ll pass The Sundial as you enter the home straight, this is where you leave everything on the roads and cross in the line that is opposite to The Rattler.
The Monthly Mile Route

Luke has really unearthed a gem with this monthly event, it’s great that we have such a great event in the North East and one that is hugely popular with runners that is so well supported by England Athletics. I highly advise that you give it a go, either signing up on a year membership (which is a bargain by the way) or paying £2.50 for a one off to give it a try – personally, I think you’ll be back for more if you try.

If you’re still unsure, why not check out this video courtesy of my Video Editing business MFB Media:

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