Work vs Play

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it really tough to strike a balance between work and then going to train afterwards.

Some of you reading this may be in the same boat as me; others may just crack on and deal with it. Either way, it’s tough.

Recently, the company I work for has had to move premises, so for the last 2-3 weeks I’ve had to help dismantle and box up equipment as well as complete the end of year stocks, so my head as not been in the right frame of mind to train, nor has my body.

The amount of strength and conditioning I’ve been limited to has really hampered the ability to finish strong and may (hopefully not) come back to bite me in the backside in terms of injuries.

The Blaydon Race is under a month away and I don’t feel prepared at all. I’ve managed to get two runs in for a couple of weeks, but sometimes, I’m lucky to get in one. One positive though, is that my diet has dramatically changed. This is helping me massively in terms of keeping my weight below 80kg.

It’s so frustrating coming home and feeling so drained that I can barely move my legs. The cycling that I do, keeps my CV (cardio vascular) topped up, luckily. Without it, I think id be in big, big trouble.

What is positive though, is that I can run for over 40 minutes at a comfortable pace and not be blowing by mile three or when it gets to 30 minutes worth of running. But I am sad that I missed out on running the Sunderland 10K. I had that as the ideal race to prepare me for Blaydon as I’ve not ran a competitive 10K since the Cross Country at Alnwick.

I’m sure that once the move is finalised at work and there is a balance, my schedule will get back on track, but I fear that the Great North Run will be my main event of the year. BR will have to be a run-and-cling-on-for-dear-life kind of race rather than one where I’m giving it 100% focus and energy, I can safely say I’m not doing that and I’m gutted.

I’ll enjoy it, don’t get me wrong, I got super excited when I picked up my pack but I’m disappointed in myself for allowing work to pull me away from the commitment. I just hope I can pull out a respectable time and enjoy the course. I’ve heard a lot of good things from it, so that’s something I’m really looking forward to.

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