2015, So far…

On my last blog, I had a bit of a whinge of how balancing work and training was difficult, resulting in inconsistent sessions and moods because of that.

At the start of 2015, I had four races in my year planner to run, experience and most of all, enjoy. So far, I’ve ran none, with the exception of The Blaydon Race of course.

I had the Sunderland 10K eyed up, but due to the lack of training (I know, excuses excuses), I couldn’t justify paying £25 to run a great race and not enjoy it, knowing that my body hasn’t been ready for this – it would have been motivationally draining, I’d no doubt be questioning myself from start to finish.

But I would have been the ideal preparation for next week’s race, perfect, if I’m going to be brutally honest. Now, I’m heavily relying on my strength and determination to pull myself through the course, the plan is to just let the crowd take me over the line if not, my head.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Great North 10K will be high on my priority list to run in July. Last year, when I ran my first Great North Run, it served as a superb indicator to show me how my training was coming on, so I’ll definitely be doing the same again.

With the Blaydon Race only days away, as I type this, I’m getting that sense of excitement mixed with nerves. Up until last week, my running year has been utterly pants and the race I wanted to do have been non existent.

Maybe this is just another learning curve that I’ll extract experience from when it comes to next year, book in races as soon as they are open to enter, put days in where I know I can definitely commit to.

These last couple of weeks haven’t been so bad. Yeah, of course I’ve struggled; my running sharpness isn’t on point as it was three months back or so, I don’t feel as strong too and my core is a bit wobbly.

This is the first time that I’ve actually planned a running year, so of course, there would be teething problems – doesn’t every new plan/idea have these?

All in all, I have to prepare better. Get organised. Stop beating around the bush and stop being so wimpy about it.

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel by the way! It’s got some reviews on their, but I’m hoping to start doing some Vlogs – I wont be neglecting this, fear not!

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