A Month Has Passed…

Well, a lot has happened over a month since I last blogged and so much as happened, positively and negatively.
Let’s get the negatives out the way, rather than leaving you saddened by the end of the blog – want to finish on a high!

Okay, so over the last 2-3 months I’ve experienced pain in my bowel, its lead to days where I’ve been in outrageous pain and of course, when you feel this bad, something is wrong.

So I went to a walk in centre with Emma in Alnwick after the pains got to the point where it was constant. Turns out, my bowel was active, very active, nothing to worry about thought and was administered a course of tablets to slow things down and wait for my GP appointment.

It made training tough, especially as it came on the week leading up to the start of the Great North Run training block, I somehow managed to run the Blaydon Race with it and ran a respectable time too. Runs were fine, but it was the recovery side that was challenging. Bloating, instant fullness and eventually pain would soon follow whenever I had my post-run meal, it was frustrating!

Turns out, after visiting the GP not once, but twice, I may have a bug that irritates my bowel and that I need to send away a sample (not exactly breakfast/lunch/tea/any form of meal reading, I know) and I’ll get the proper diagnoses and was given more medication. Since then, I’ve been great. Running has been consistent, the strength and conditioning is getting there and I managed my first long run in a month too.

Now, let’s get to the positives!

With the Great North Run only 53 days and 22 hours away at the time of writing this, I feel in great shape and it’s because of Luke Adam’s Run Eat Sleep 12 week training program, I followed it last year and like the famous saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” and that exactly what I’m doing.

My average time for miles is slowly being chipped away too, going from 7:50 m/miles to 7:30 m/mile, which puts me on a time for 1:45 for the 13.1 trek from Newcastle to South Shields, which is the aim, well to finish the run is the main aim, but to smash my time from last year (1:59.51) would be a bonus, but the training hasn’t been plain sailing.

Working, travelling and sleeping patterns have really messed up my ability to train, not to forget the horrible groggy feeling from the tablets and whatever is going on in my tummy. But that’s now a thing of the past and the frequency and consistency of hitting the gym and roads is back on track – phew!

It feels good to be training hard again and with the help of Max Sports Therapy’s monthly massages, I’m in better shape than I was last year!

Before I sign off, just a quick plug for the North East Blogger Awards this year. Nominations are now open and I’d be so, so grateful if you could nominate this blog to forwarded to the final selection at the ceremony on November 10th.

I started this blog for you, the reader, to tell a story of starting from the bottom of running and working my way up from my point of view, aiming at all abilities of the sport and make it relatable.

To make even the final cut would be an achievement as it shows that the blog is evolving and getting recognised for runners out there.

If you’d like to put A Runner’s Ramble forward, head to www.nebloggerawards.co.uk and head to ‘Enter’ it’ll ask for information and here is what you need to send them.

Category: Lifestyle

Name of Person Nominating: Michael Briggs

Your Email: Your own email address

URL of BlogARunnersRamble@weebly.com

Twitter Handle@ARunnersRamble

Link to Favourite Post: Simply, pick which post you really like

Why<span “font-family:=”” calibri”=””>: Just a short paragraph on why you enjoyed my blog!

And that it, would take no more than 5 minutes of your time!

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