New Kit And a Realisation

So, last week, I finally got my hands (and feet) on a pair of Nike Air Max Pegasus 32’s from Start Fitnessand I couldn’t be anymore excited to use them next month.

PictureMy pair of Nike Air Max Pegasus 32 shoes

Last year, I was given a heads up about how great the Pegasus series was for running in, especially long miles.
I was training in 10k shoes and didn’t really notice the difference, until I put on a pair of Blue and green 31’s on – what a different it made! Now I have my 32’s it’s the final piece of the all important kit, along with my Prostate Cancer vest.

All that’s left to do is get the all important miles logged in and get used to them as much as I can. I’ve basically worn them around the flat and when I’ve went for a walk or causal run just to avoid blisters and get a feel for them.

I’ve only really done one session in them and that was hills, so I’ve yet to really take them out for a proper spin, I tried to on Sunday but that failed magnificently.

Which is where my next part of the blog comes in – I’ve come to the realisation that I don’t think I’ll be able to run the Great North Run at a time I had set myself.

Training this year has been, quite honestly, rubbish. I mean, there’s poop then there’s my training for this. Compared to last year I’m not even ‘F’ of flying, where as 2014 there was no stopping me, I was disciplined, committed and I wasn’t ill.

My chosen charity for the GNR.
From March, took a nose dive. My head wasn’t screwed on and I allowed myself to go out or knock runs on the head because “I was too tired”. Now, most of that came from being ill, I’ll admit. This bowel trouble has dogged me for the best part of nearly three months and I’m so nearly at the end of knowing what is wrong, but it’s timing has been so bad that my focus as been on getting better and worrying what the hell is going on in there.

I still ran, but nowhere near as comfortable as I was last year or at the Alnwick XC earlier this year.

Because of that, there’s near to little chance of me going for my personal best time of 1:59.51. I think now it’s a case of just making sure I have the distance in my legs and getting around safely.

Yesterday (02/08/15), I tried to get 9 miles in the tank and I didn’t even get past 4! Whether is was suffering from the humidity, sun burn from the day before or it being linked to my bowel, I don’t know, but walking back to Emma’s parents house, I had a harsh word with myself and well and truly spat my dummy out.

“There’s no way I could run the GNR, no way. I’ve got no consistency, lack of miles and I’m blowing out my arse after 4 miles, 4! How the hell am I supposed to get round 13.1 miles with only running as far as 7 miles for one long run!” I ranted. It’s a concern but maybe I have to forget the time and focus on the real reason I’m doing it, charity! Maybe I’ll just have to lower the time and run a pace I know I won’t be blowing a lung at and hope that it’s a cool day too!

Anyway, negatives aside I’ll just have to just keep gan, I did it last year and I’ll do it again this year – just slower!

Before you click away, just a reminder that I’m trying to get nominated for the North East Blogger Awards this year.

All you have to do is go to, click enter and then fill in the details from the image below – it’s that simple! And a huge thank you to those who have nominated me so far!


Have you had any running hiccups or frustrations leading to a big run? Comment below!

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