North East Blogger Awards 2015

Now, first off, in terms of my running week, it’s been very, very good – the first time it’s been like that since I started my Great North Run training in June. Sessions are going great and I’m enjoying my running once more, I even conquered breaking 10 miles over the weekend which had me both celebrating and also physically ruined.

Picture10 miles #InTheBank but the sun made it tough!

It’s the first time I’ve ran that distance since last year, so my body isn’t used to clocking up the distance yet and the fact that it was over 20 degrees on my run didn’t exactly help either – I was boiling and definitely feeling the effects of the sun.

By the time I got home, I was shattered, sore and my head was pounding. Dehydration had well and truly kicked in and this is after I had a water bottle with me – I can remember the days I never used to on days that hot, I must have been mad!

I’m still feeling the muscle soreness today, so my body is playing catch up with how far it ran over the weekend, next up 11 miles! I can already feel my legs screaming.

It was important to remember, during my run, that I had to maintain a level pace, especially in the heat. If you remember my last blog, I had a bit of a whinge that I couldn’t get past four miles without blowing. Well I figured out why – I ran too fast for my opening miles, 7:20 & 7:12 per mile isn’t exactly the best way to start a long run now, is it? Lesson learned and now it’s slowed to roughly 8:00 per mile, which I’m happy with, I’m comfortable, not gassing or struggling, just plodding.

Anyway, it was a great way to feel the Great North Run course again and seeing my Uncle Bob out on his run too was awesome. I’m hoping this weekend is a little cooler to run in and it’s a repeat feeling once I’m done…minus the gasping for breath, skin covered in sweat and pounding headache.

You may have noticed that over the last few blog posts, I’ve been trying to get this blog nominated for the annual North East Blogger Awards. Last year Aly Dixon, one of the many athletes I look up to, won and it kind of inspired me to get behind the keyboard and type what I’m thinking of have been thinking recently – all related to running, of course.

I figured that, the Great North Run posts were perfect to kick things off. The story of a first timer on how he felt emotionally, physically and mentally during the run. Hitting highs and lows along the way and experiencing the atmosphere. It was wonderful to write, I must say, I got excited the more I typed – it brought back so many memories and the fact that I had it in two parts added to the excitement.

But that’s why I started it, I enjoying writing. Whether it’s for a sports journalism related piece or a blog, there’s nothing like killing a couple of hours blogging your day/session/race/review and getting really into it and that’s why I want this to be nominated, to be recognised as a passionate blogger hoping to entertain runners of all abilities out there. Do I expect to win it? Not really, there will be many, many very good blogs out there in the category that I’m aiming for, but to be nominated would be a huge bonus, I’ll attach an image below of what to do, it would mean a LOT to me if you could nominate me, come on runners – let’s unite!


Before I leave you, you may have seen me on social media talking about making a podcast. Well, I have now and have three, one, two three, recordings all done (as I have posted this) and there’s plenty more in the pipeline for the future, especially with the GNR coming up.

You can check out the Soundcloud page here. I have a Beta episode out, it’s just be talking about what to expect from the podcast but here is the line up I have for the first three episodes:

Episode one: Luke Adams – Run, Eat, Sleep

Episode two: Stephen Taylor – Max Sport’s Therapy

Episode Three: Phil Hurst – GB International/European Indoor 2015 Finalist

I’ll be sure to post a link once their live and figure out how to get them on iTunes, they’ll be on Soundcloud for the time being, so you can listen to them!

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