The Tolerance of It All

So over the last few weeks, training has gone great. I clocked my first double figure run (10 miles), sessions have ran smoothly and there’s not really been any concern with injuries. Basically, I’m READY for the Great North Run and it’s only a week away!


But since the last time I posted, there’s been a change, particularly in my diet. Turns out, I may – and it’s yet to be officially tested or confirmed – be lactose intolerant. Yeah, I know, who would have thought, right?

It makes sense too, all those times I’ve arrived to work feeling nauseous or had the horrible feeling in my bowel when I was on the toilet. I’ve cut all dairy from my diet and replaced it with lactose free foods and now having to check the ingredients of EVERYTHING that I pick up and I found it amazing that milk powder is found in crisps…CRISPS! I can’t even have my favourite brand now because of that, I’m gutted! Along with not being able to have Jaffa Cakes, Pizza and Lasagne, which are all my favourite meals, it’s a total life changer, one where I’m still trying to get over.

I feel great after it, I’ve not felt sick since for over a week, my body is slowly getting used to the fact that I’m tricking it in using lactose free foods and I’ve even having to go the extra mile and bake/make my own meals. Just means I get to eat even more meat which will do nicely ahead of next week.

Speaking of which, how crazy that the Great North Run is almost here again?!

It’s that time of the year where you would or are seeing runners take over the roads and streets, cramming in the last few miles they need to get around the 13.1 mile route. I’m chomping at the bit to get going, even if training hasn’t exactly gone to plan, I just can’t wait to experience the atmosphere again and plod on.

Ideally, I wanted to run 1:40ish but I feel that I’ll be along the lines of 1:50/55 – it just depends how crowded it is at Whitemare Pool and at the finish line. I’m hoping that it’s that little less chaotic with my having an orange bib and in Group D this time – I think I’ll leave a little bit earlier this time as well, almost missed getting into my pen last year and had to jump the barrier as the race started!

I’ve also just thought, it’s almost a year since I first started writing A Runner’s Ramble, that’s crazy! It’s come so far since a simple little, then, Blogger site to now something on Weebly – I am eying up a full time server, but I just haven’t been brave enough to take the plunge!

You’ve also got the YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now a Podcast…a PODCAST! I never thought I’d have one and it’s running so well!

Anyway,  I’m saying all this because I’d love it if my blog was nominated for the North East Blogger Awards. It’s a tough ask as I know that there’ll be so many other good blogs out there that I’ll have to compete with. But with your help, I might just make into the nomination round and be up for an award – how mint would that be?!

If you’d like to nominate this blog, just…


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