The Return of Winter

So, winter is on the horizon. Runners, including myself, will be donning the hi-visibility clothing while taking the streets during the cold evenings and fresh mornings – to be honest, I really enjoy this kind of weather.

There something awesome about wearing brightly coloured clothing and reflective gear in the dark, I don’t know what it is but I’m excited in making a few additions to the running wardrobe just to be seen.

If you read my post last time i blogged, I mentioned how me and the sun just don’t get on. If I’m out on a run and the sun is out, it’s highly likely that my body is going to let me know after I stop and even sometimes, during a session, the sun will leave me so drained that I have to stop – the Great North Run was an example.

But nonetheless, I’m really excited about getting going for winter training now. I’ve done weekly Parkruns, I’m getting out on the roads again and enjoying my running.

Only last night, during a simple and easy 20 minute run, I had a huge smile on my face and even changed my route mid-session to try prolong the feeling of enjoyment with every stride I made which left me feeling like I’ve found my mojo again after a very unmotivated last couple of weeks.

It’s such a great feeling knowing that I can run a decent pace still and not have to worry about dipping in form. Okay, the last Saturday’s run wasn’t exactly amazing, I was only a minute off but I was tired and definitely felt rusty, plus, starting mid-pack easily adds 10-15 seconds to the time with all the gates and narrow paths – so really, I could have ran under 22 minutes, just needed to the better positioned.

But the feeling that I got running again, not injured, feeling quick and sharp, enjoying my hobby once again, that I’ve totally re-evaluated my goals and training.

So much so that I’ve entered the Mo Running 5K, which is happening THIS Sunday – it definitely caught me by surprise if I’m totally honest! But it’s a great event and I thorough enjoyed running last year when I ran the 10K.

And today, I entered the South Shields 10 Mile Race for 2016, my first event for the new year which will be ideal preparation for the Great North Run – hopefully I’ll be in much better shape and focused more by the time it comes round!

The course sounds majestic and challenging which the different terrains, something I’m not really useful other than when running the South Shields Parkrun. However, it’s already got me excited for running it as part of my training and it’s in my hometown which is even better!

Also, if you haven’t already seen, I’ve been vlogging quite a bit over the last couple of weeks. This is purely because I love to talk and edit videos, so I asked myself, “why not combine something you love with a hobby you love?” a few weeks later I have four vlogs and about 8 weeks worth of ideas!

I’ll be sure to blog about it more details soon, but for the time being, go checkout my channel here and subscribe too!

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