2015 and the 5K dream is over

Happy New Year!

So, I’ve definitely indulged over the festive season (haven’t we all?) and on top of that, I’ve not had the best of luck recently, more so with injuries.

I’ll kick this blog off with the lack of running, pretty much closing the curtain to my attempt of a running a sub-21 5K time.

After my last blog post, I was in a rich vein of form, but since then, nothing has really materialised to warrant running a new personal best. Injuring my neck wasn’t the best way to keep up the training and that ruled me out for a week. How did I hurt it? Well, put it this way, trying to do a swan dive into a crash pad within a Trampoline Warehouse, isn’t the best idea. My neck and legs met and everything cracked – yes, it did hurt!

Then, I had quite a nasty cycling accident in which I was left concussed for a good week and a half. Wasn’t cool but it was quite scary! Here’s a video of what happened

Right, as 2015 comes to an end (thank god!) I thought I’d go over the goals I made last year and see if I’ve accomplished them or, better yet, smashed them, so, without further a do, let’s begin!

Primary Goals:

Flexibility: Touch toes/floor without restriction

Achieve in: 3-6 months

I was doing well with this one! I was comfortably touching my toes and could nearly touch the floor, this month off though, I dread to see where I’d be at now! I’ll say this is a goal met.

The Monthly Mile: 5:30

Achieve in: 6 Months

Position: Top 5

After running the first Monthly Mile of 2015, I’ve not had the time to run this great event since, which is a real shame as I’ve loved running it time and time again. I’ve renewed my membership for next year so I’ll try do one at least, but moving may jeopardise doing more!

5K Target Time: 20:00

Achieve in: 6 Months

Position: Top 20

Man, I was so, SO close to running sub-21. You would have seen the vlog I posted from the MoRun event at the start of November. Running 21:00 was a huge achievement for me as was finishing 11th out of over 200 racers! Sadly, I didn’t make this target for the time, but I’ll be changing the position to green!

10K Target Time: 45:00

Achieve in: 8 Months

Position: Top 20

Big fat red for this one as I haven’t even ran a 10k in 2015. Shame, but focusing on The Blaydon Race and the Great North Run pushed any 6 mile races out the frame as I just wanted to focus on getting to the finish line in once piece – I should have used one or two for training purposes but finically and physically, I just wasn’t game for it.

HM Target Time: 1:40.00

Achieve in: 8 Months

Ah the Great North Run, the one event that I target and specify training for. It’s the one that everyone wants to do whether they are starting out or a seasoned runner. It’s tough, not just on your body but also your mind, Pushing you to the limit – especially that last mile! This year was very difficult, being ill didn’t help with training as was travelling too. I missed key runs and reps and just couldn’t get a rhythm with the running. On the day, it was boiling hot and by mile ten, I had to stop. Still ran a PB of 1:55, but not enough to hit the magic 1:40 door.

Squat PB: 150kg

Current: 120kg

Achieve in: 8months
Power Clean PB: 110kg

Current: 100kg

Achieve in: 8 months 

Both lifting PB’s were pathetically missed. I didn’t hit the gym as much as I use to and it’s a big shame. If I can find a gym with lifting platforms and big weights, this may get attacked!

So, overall, not the best year for targets, but there are a few greens in there somewhere. It just shows that nothing goes to plan sometimes and that you have to chop and change things to get the best out of your running.

Next year is going to be a bigger test, moving will mean new routes, learning my limits and also, which runs I can and cannot do.

Anyway, so long 2015 and hello 2016 – The OLYMPIC year!

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