Finding My Running Mojo

Every runner goes through a period where they just can’t get out for a run or when they do, it’s more of a chore than an enjoyable hobby.

For six months, this is exactly what I was going through. 

At the end of 2015 Emma and I, were told that, the owner of the flat we were renting, decided to sell the flat and it was advised that we should move, totally out of nowhere and right on top of Christmas. It was stressful, tying to look for a place in or near where we currently lived was hard and at times, almost impossible.

It was not great timing, of course but I believe that every cloud has a silver lining and with that, came a new job based in Northumberland and eventually, finding a wonderful spot in Cramlington to live in.

With every relocation or move, the stress is unbelievable. Moving tables, clothes and getting started in new places, take their toll. I owe a lot to Emma for getting us started by the way, I felt useless other than lifting things and running errands to add bits and pieces to the house, while she got the ball rolling – she’s a trooper.

At the same time, as well as being stressed, running was non-existent. I went for 1-2 runs a week and did not have a purpose to run for. At times, I just couldn’t be bothered, like, I was asking myself “why bother?”

I hoped that entering the Blaydon Races would be enough to kick start some sort of a spark, something to get me out the house and on the roads/gym with a smile back on my face. At first, it did that. I felt a little something every time I trained but then the Blaydon Race came and, even though I got through it, I still just couldn’t get that buzz again – now it was starting to frustrate me.

Weeks passed and still I ran, still there was no love for running – then something happened, I got ill.

I was struck down with a cold and, although wasn’t a vicious one, it was enough to knock me back from training for a good week and a half, which gave me time to reflect.

I had the Darlington 10K in mind, it was nearly four weeks away followed by the South Shields 10 Mile Race a week later and hadn’t even ran close to five miles post-Blaydon.

So, after the cold, I got my arse into gear and got out the house. I ran, gymed and planned, the fire in the belly was back and now, I’m in a position were I want to hit the roads, I want to take on the hills and weights, just to prove to myself that it’s not the end of the world!

When I did my first speed session (in the video below), something overcame me after my last rep – euphoria – the feeling was incredible!

It’s currently my second week of getting back into fitness and so far, so good, everything is going well and I feel fantastic. Am I expecting a fast time for the Darlo 10k? Not really, I think time will be irrelevant for me again, the same goes for the 10 Mile race, it’s all about enjoying the races and experiencing more courses.

So my advise to anyone struggling to find their mojo? Find a session that you love to do and do it, if that doesn’t work – take a break! There’s no harm in doing so and it’s great to get away from running for a few days.

Let me know if you have suffered from this before!

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