Fuelling The Fire

The Darlington 10K has been and gone. Many runners ran a weather-challenging course, some for fitness goals, others for racing and fine tuning their season.

I was, if you haven’t seen my training vlogs (see below), I was basing my training on this event. I’ve not ran a 10K since the MoRun event in November 2014 – unbelievable, I know.

For a runner, who loves to eat, sleep and breathe this sport, I have not really warranted myself a ‘proper’ runner, yet. My achievements have been two half marathons and two Blaydon Races, which, still, I don’t see myself a ‘proper’ runner.

However, this week, has gone down in as one of the most frustrating seven days that I have experienced, in sport, and this is including a slight ACL tear.

Without going into detail, recently, my right hamstring has been very tight, this, I believe, has resulted in sitting for long periods of time and my back muscles getting tight – which then decided to peak at the Friday Night 5K in South Shields.

Luckily, I had my good friend and sports therapist, Stephen Taylor, on hand to try loosen everything from my back, through my gluten and then my hamstrings – leaving me to foam roll and pull out of the Darlington 10K and also, the South Shields 10 Mile Race, with the latter hurting slightly more than the former to pull out of.

But today, something happened to me. Something which stirred, briefly, I might add, within me, deep inside my core – a fire has started.

Watching everyone warm up, start running and finishing the Darlo 10K really hit me hard. I wanted to be at the start line SO much, it hurt. Waiting at the finish line for my friends Michael and Cameroon to cross the line wasn’t easy to take in, they’ve had the chance to get training under their belts and feel strong – I was lumbered on the side as a bag bitch.

After their run and getting home, I vlogged. I opened up emotionally, physically and mentally. I’ve promised myself that, from that day, I’ll find a way to keep my fitness up, to keep mobile, flexible and to almost, force myself to foam roll as frequent as possible – i have to or else this hamstring issue will continue to flare up again and again.

So far, as of this day (10/08/16), it’s been productive. I’ve started to use my bike again, cycling around Cramlington as well as to and from work – It’s like a breath of fresh again for me again to actually exercise and not worry or stress that I’d tighten up.

However, I did try run earlier, but still, my hamstring isn’t playing.

It’ll take time, I have to accept that. That fact that I’ve gone over three years without an injury until now, shows that my strength and conditioning as too my post-exercise recover has been on point, something was bound to happen, it’s part and parcel of running.

Already, I have marked out potential running competitions with the Kielder 10K being the number one event, followed by the Great North 5K and the Quayside 5K too.

For now, I’ll enjoy cycling again, help out at the South Shields 10 Mile Race this weekend and then work hard to get back running again.

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube if you haven’t already!

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