Injury Frustration

It happens to everyone at some point.

No matter what sport you participate in, injuries and niggles are expected from amateur right through to professional levels – and it’s bloody annoying when they happen!

Recently, I’ve been going through a rough patch with a tiny niggle that just wont go away.

During the last couple of weeks of July, I felt a horrible little sensation in my hamstring, something that I have not felt in years, yet I chose to ignore it as, as many of you out there have done, I thought I could run it off or it was just my legs not warming up yet.

After the Friday Night 5K, things took a bad turn.

Weeks passed and still that nagging sensation in my hamstring kept coming back. But with each run it felt worse and worse.

Stupidly, I felt that it was just being tight from all the sitting that I do at work and that my back just needed a foam roll or a couple of minutes on the hockey ball to loosen off a little and that I would be fine.

I had a target of running the Darlington 10K and then the first ever, South Shields 10 Mile Race the week after, perfect to see out my season and a great couple of fixtures to work to.

Sadly, during the Fight Night 5K in South Shields, my hamstring tightness took it’s toll and gave me a sure fire signal that enough was enough. I finished the race, however, afterwards, my leg felt horrible, sore and above all, heavy.

Immediately, I contacted Stephen (Max Sports Therapy) to arrange for him to come over and have a look to see what was going on. I tried to be realistic and think that it was just my body telling me to slow down and that I should take it easy – when in fact, it was quite the opposite.

Stephen confirmed that because my back was very, very tight, it had a ripple effect through my lower limbs, meaning that there was a chance that I created a slight tear or it was on the verge of pulling, I’d later find out it was the former.

The most frustrating thing about this was not being able to run and not knowing which races I’ll be fit for. I had to scratch Darlo and the SS10M races subsequently because I couldn’t get out for more than a mile before it hurt again – this point it was agreed that I take two weeks active rest, starting from last Tuesday (16/08).

I’ve not been grounded with an injury since 2013-ish! I’ve been so fortunate to get through training sessions and races unscathed and all of a sudden, this happens!

I hate being injured. Loathe it. I feel powerless to do anything as my body to heals. Not being able to hit the roads almost locks me inside a mental prison of who, what, where, why and how. For the time being, I can’t pick races that I want to do, instead, I’m enjoying getting out on my bike for 8-10 miles, just to keep up the fitness levels where I dare go to the gym yet incase I over do it.

From the Business Quayside Forum 5k in 2014 – it’s back again this year!

See, this is what I hate. The “oh, if i do this, will it make it worse?” or “I’m scared to do that incase I further the injury.” I can’t afford to think like that, especially when races are now closing up for the season and cross country is around the corner.

In the midst of sounding completely negative, I am being positive for future races. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, I’ll back out on the roads. Training ahead of the Great North 5K and the Kielder 10k in October.

With the 10km being huge to me as I’ve never ran the distance since the MoRun in 2014, for a runner, that’s an awful stat!

So it’s time to get back onto the injury rehab, stick with the bike and take it once session at a time.

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