Building A Runner: Week Four

The final week of the first four week block of training was wrapped up and it was a great way to see out the first stage of Building A Runner.

In the gym, firstly, I haven’t quite hit the ton mark with my squats but I was very close this week, my front squats are not too far behind as well.

On the roads, it was business as usual with a simple 5K and another speed session but not on the roads, this time!

Anyway, here is week four of Building A Runner!

Week Four – Commencing: 10/10/16

Monday: REST DAY

Tuesday: Cycle to/from work > 5K run = 8.7 mi

Found myself back in the gym!

Wednesday: Gym session

Back Squat 3 x 6 @ 95kg

Push Press 3 x 6 @ 55kg

Glute Bridge on step > single leg squat 3 x 10 (5 each leg)

Shoulder Press > Rope Waves 3 x 12

Core: Using Swiss Ball

Crunches > Side Crunches (L) > Side Crunches (R) > Back Raises

Thursday: REST DAY


Front Squat 3 x 6 @ 75kg

Split Jerk 3 x 8 @ 60kg

Walking Lunge 3 x 6 @ 2 x 18kg DB in hands.

Chest/Back fly machine 3 x 10 @ 53kg

Shoulder exercises with Bar – Front Raises > Behind The Head > In Front 3 x 10 @ 20kg


In Minutes: 1>2>3>4>4>3>2>1 @ 13KPH with 1 minute recoveries

Saturday: WORKING

Sunday: REST

So, that’s the first block of training done!

I feel like I’m getting into some shape, nothing quick as of yet, but I’m sure that’ll follow soon.

I cant expect my average pace to drop so suddenly, it’ll take time, patience and some more hard work but that wont mean I’ll push to hard!

The treadmill work is something that I never thought I’d do but it was tough, very, very tough. The fact that I was able to run two lots of four minutes worth of running was decent and at a high tempo in terms of speed too, it’s safe to say I was absolutely sweating!

After my 5K run mid-week.

The fact that I’ve completed my first, ever, double session, made me realised how fit I am and how much improvement that has been made. I think, if I did that in the first week, I wouldn’t have even got past three minutes.

I feel that I’m coming along nicely in terms of my weight training. As mentioned, I’m not quite there with hitting the ton, yet, with my back squats but there’s no rush, it’s coming nicely and at a pace which shouldn’t warrant injury.

You’ll notice that the reps have gone down but the weight up, at this point, I was more concerned about the load that the quantity, quality was also a factor, too.

Next month a few tweaks of exercises will take place. I think I’ll add some Olympic Lifting but keep the squats in place, as well as the hamstring exercise as they seem to be doing the trick.

I NEED to get a Parkrun in, I’ve been banging on the door to nail one for two weeks now and I’ve not even been close – so if it’s not next weekend, I’ll probably not do one at all – which I don’t wont to do!

GOAL FOR THE WEEK: Run a PARKRUN – ha’way man, this time, it’s becoming a joke!

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