Building A Runner: Week Five

What started off so positively, ended in an almost disaster with training.

A change in gym routine and a tiny increase of mileage told me that I’m getting close to full fitness and ready to push a little bit harder to get close to my times I ran this time last year.

However, it’s taken a little dip, we get into the fifth week of Building A Runner.

Week FIVE – Commencing: 17/10/16

Monday: Meeting

Tuesday: Commute to/from Work > 5k adventurous run. Total Miles = 9.8mi



Gym session

Power Clean: 5>3>1>5>3>1>5>3>1 starting @ 50kg and adding each time

Back Squat: 3 x 6 @ 95kg

Glute Bridge on step > single leg squat 3 x 10 (5 each leg)

Chest/Back fly machine > Shoulder complex

Core: Dead bugs w/12kg KB > Side Touches > Flutters > Russian Twists

Thursday: REST DAY

Friday: SICK

Saturday: SICK

Sunday: SICK

I was SO chuffed with how my week started. Running for 30 minutes for the first time in ages and NOT blowing felt so, so good to complete. I thought I’d take a totally different route to what I normally, do – I was feeling adventurous, without a shadow of a doubt. This ended with a one mile kicker, basically, me running near flat out for over a mile. This felt AMAZING! I felt so strong, even at the latter stages and where I thought I was going to hit the deck but no, I stood firm.

In the gym, man, I was like a possessed animal going into Exercise 4 Less on the Wednesday night. I changed the program to introduce some explosiveness – vital for latter stages of runs and sprints – along with my squats. Using the pyramids in my cleans was challenging and reminded me why I loved that exercise. Chuck in the heavy squats, which felt comfortable eventually, told me that I’d be closing in to the ton, very soon – or so I thought.

When it got to Friday, I was preparing myself for the week off from work I planned, my body had other plans as I was struck down with a sickness bug and bed bound for nearly 2 days, followed by a cold, so my poor body has been hit massively, as I type this, I’m still not 100% right, it’s still lurking or my body hasn’t caught up yet from a double whammy!

Anyway, all I can do now is rest, recover and safely, pick up from where I left off, even if I have to start from scratch!


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