REVIEW: Halo II Headband

Back in June, received a wonderful little package from a company that’s changing the way we use running accessories, particularly, headgear – that company is Halo Handband

They kindly sent me one of their VERY popular products, the Halo II Headband, a revolutionary piece of kit to review for both Summer AND Winter seasons.

I don’t wear headbands as, by my own admission, I look a bit daft but it didn’t detour me from trying it to get a feel and how good this product actually is.

The first feel, from texture and comfort, is superb – you can instantly tell that this breathes. The Pullover design makes application very, very simple and it’s easy to adjust to, even mid-run.

Normally with bands I’ve tried in in the past, it’s had a cardboard or rough feel to touch and when it sits on my head, it’s slowly made it’s way down and eventually in my face but Halo have worked their magic on this one, sitting well and gripping my forehead perfectly, even when I get a sweat on.

You don’t have to worry about sizing either, as this fits snug and securely, by the way!

fullsizerender-8What’s immediately noticeable about the band is the SweatBlock seal, the yellow band that runs from one side to the other, this is genius. This thin piece of material has been designed to prevent sweat leaking into the eyes and prevent irritation, which as we all know, especially in warmer climates is a pain in the backside.

It’s something that I’ve never seen in a running accessory before and something that I know, makes total sense to include.

This collaborates fantastically with the Dryline® fabric, ridding of further moisture that builds up away from where the SweatBlock can’t reach. What is also quite neat too, is how quickly the band dries after perspiration.

Now, in the summer, this band made those muggy and sticky sessions a little bit more manageable, I didn’t have to keep wiping my forehead on my arm or t-shirt, I just let the Halo II do it’s thing.

In the colder weather, especially, now that we are in the tail end of the year, meaning colder mornings and evenings are upon us, the band still does wonders. I don’t sweat as much in the chillier sessions but if I didn’t have a hat to keep my head covered, this band acts as a superb cover for ears, we all know what it’s like!

fullsizerender-7But it’s not just running that I’ve used this for, I’ve had this on under my cycle helmet too and the difference is incredible. It’s unnoticeable and I even forgot I had it on at times, especially after my commute.

All in all, the Halo II Headband rightfully belongs to be included as one of the best pieces of headwear out there, they’ve revolutionised how to keep fitness fanatics dry and also covered during sessions. As mentioned, it’s something that I’ve never seen before but it’s been outstanding when used and a real help too.

I would advise that you checkout the different designs and colours that are available on their website, which I’ll link below for you.

RRP: £14.95

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