Building A Runner: Week 8 & 9

I’m slacking in this, aren’t I?

Yes, yes, I know, I’ve doubled weeks into one blog post and there is a very good reason for this – time, I’ve simply not had the time to sit and write/update my training.

Week Eight was quite eventful. Running longer than normal with a solid speed session following from that, showed my that my running is getting much better and at a level that I think that I was near last year.

There was a down side though, lack of gym! I’ve not been to the gym for two weeks now, to simply put it, I can’t be bothered. There’s been no motivation to go back, which is a shame as I was making great progress as you may have seen.

Anyway, let’s crack on with the last couple of Weeks!

Week Eight – Commencing: 07/11/16

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 4.5 mile run – 37:41 @ 8:22/mi pace

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 4 X 1 Miles – 7:08, 7:08, 7:23 & 7:06

Friday: Rest

Saturday: REST

Sunday: REST

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 15.55.43.png

Week Nine – Commencing: 14/11/16

Monday: REST


Wednesday: REST

Thursday: Very easy 5k – 3.2 miles

Friday: REST

Saturday: REST

Sunday: REST

I’m quite disappointed in myself for how I’ve fallen so far behind with my running. Week eight was just normal as it could be, more impressive how quick I was for my times for the 4 x 1 mile speed session, even though the third rep was an absolute A-HOLE!

You can see how tough it’s been recently. Week Nine resulted in one run over the week, which felt fine as it was just a nice and slow plod with Cameron from work, I wasn’t looking for speed at all.

To be honest, I’ve not been feeling myself. I can’t put my finger on it but you know when you just don’t feel like you, like something is off – that’s how I’m feeling. I think I may take a punt and get some blood tests as I fear that this will slow down training. I’m not too concerned but it would be nice to get clarity on if there’s anything wrong or should be made aware of.

For the time being, I think going to the gym is something to avoid, just for now, I genially don’t think I have the strength to squat heavy loads yet.

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