The One With The Running Awards

For what feels like a lifetime ago since nominations went live, tonight the window closed to cast your vote for the prestigious Running Awards 2017.

Firstly, to those that voted, shared and wished me luck leading up to this – thank you! The support has been so welcoming and humbling too. I feel very fortunate that friends, family and even newcomers to the blog, have shown support, something I’m very grateful for. 

I first found out that I’d been nominated at the latter stages of the summer. It was by chance that, when I was checking the list, there was my blog, at the top of the list (alphabetically) – I could not believe it!

Last time that I entered something like this was for the North East Blogger Awards back in 2015, where, foolishly, I thought I was in for a shout to make the final nominations for my category. I didn’t make the cut, so rather than taking it graciously and on the chin, I spat my dummy out and was in a huff, a few hours later I realised that it was something silly to overreact to.

This time however, I’ve learned and be happy to just have the blog on that list, along with 60+ – last time I counted – other fantastic bloggers out there. So even if I don’t make it through, the fact that I was on that list with the likes of Runner Shoes Guru, The 401 Challenge and The Runner Beans, to name a few, is incredible.


Writing this blog makes life even more enjoyable, I have to say. When I started this in 2014 after my first Great North Run, I seen it as a small distraction, to write a couple of posts and then let it sit there. Never did I think that I’d be continuing to write consistently and eventually, vlogging too.

Running, to me, makes everything that bit better, talking about it makes my passion for it rise tenfold. Tactics, training, trail running, new shoes, reviewing kit, these are things that I never thought I’d be talking about with you or even get the chance to do.

I love to talk about it, just ask anyone that I’ve ran with recently or my previously posts, I get giddy like a kid at Christmas. Even more so when it involves shoes! Don’t get me started on running shoes!

Do I expect to win it? No. Come on, the other contenders out there are head and shoulders above my blog and it may sound defeatist, I know but these guys have been blogging for years and years, with thousands of followers to boot but I certainly want to try make a dint at least! Plus, it would be nice, as far as I am aware of, I’m representing the North East of England, which feels amazing.

The future of the blog is simple, really, to write for as long as my legs allow me to run for and be humble for opportunities and followers.

To everyone on the list – good luck!

Keep an eye on my social media channels to see the latest news from this!

One thought on “The One With The Running Awards

  1. I’ve just followed your blog 🙂 Good luck, but as you point out the chances of a top 3 are slim. I was so chuffed to be shortlisted last year (top 12) but then you are up against bloggers with huge established followings. Lets be glad to be on the first list and anything more is a bonus !!


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