Running Challenge: Running Home For Christmas

I love a challenge, me, absolutely love them.

Whether it’s training for an event or trying something new with sessions to provide a test, nothing leaves me content than completing a challenge.

So, with the extreme lack of running that I’ve done this year, I thought that I’d set myself a running challenge over this festive season – ‘Running Home for Christmas!’ 

Now, this is simply a daily running challenge, just to clear up confusion. I may run home from work if I can, honestly, be arsed to – the focus is to run for 14 consecutive days, whether it’s a mile or five, as long as I clock in a run!

Starting from This Monday (12/12/2016), this challenge will take me right though until Christmas Day! Some ask but I feel that I can do it, even if it’s just over a mile a day, I think I’m capable.

I’ve never been involved in running back-to-back days, to be perfectly honest, I don’t rate it as, from being involved in athletics for over 10 years, training with no rest days is bad for the body – when do you ever get a chance to recover?!


But, rather than just twist my face and frown upon it, I thought I’d give it a go and see if I can do it, challenging myself as well as giving me a purpose to consistently run – “don’t knock it, until you try it!” the saying goes, so, why not?!

It won’t just be roads but trails also and timing will not be a factor. I have no intention of keeping an eye on the clock or look to lower anything right now, just log in the distances.

This year, I’ve just found myself being very lethargic with running, a part from the summer leading up to Darlington 10K and the start of winter where I was flying in the gym and roads. Other than that, I’ve just been too laid back which is so poor on my behalf – I need this kick up the backside!

Without a shadow of a doubt, diet, drinking limits and portion sizes go out the window during the festive season, especially when the Christmas Party season in full flow as well – tis the season to be jolly and merry, isn’t it? Doing this is perfect to the build up to the big day, I won’t feel as heavy or bad when indulging in a few glasses of wine along with a few more pigs in blankets.

It’s canny exciting, if I’m perfectly honest. This is guaranteed to get me out the house each night and target distances – including a Parkrun or two, which I’m desperate to do!

I’ll be logging in a weekly write up just to show the progress and general thoughts as, with the Building A Runner blogs have dried up – there’s no point in writing REST days or talk about how I ran once, it’s just demoralising to write.

Anyway, stand by, this is going to be BELTA!

If you’ve ran consecutively, how have you found it and is there any tips? I welcome them, to be honest!  

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