REVIEW: eGlove Sport SCREEN Running Gloves

Now that winter is here, I’m going to be honest, living in, almost, the middle of nowhere has made running/commuting tough, this is due to the plummeting temperatures, leaving frost, ice and the inevitable sit and wait for the car heater to kick in.

When it comes to running though, getting out can be tough, if you don’t have the correct equipment. In my last review, the use of having head cover is a must – I also mentioned gloves, too.

Thanks to the wonderful folk at eGloves, I got a chance to take a pair of the running gloves out for a spin and I have to say, these left me with a giant smile on my face.

I own a pair of adidas gloves that are slightly similar but quite bland – not the eGloves, though!

First thing you notice about the gloves, is the design. With the gloves that I received, the green and black colour scheme was high on the list, purely, as it’s quite striking with Pink being the other colour available.

As soon as you put on them on, the comfort levels are easily identified. Immediately, you know that, if you run in the gloves, particularly during the early hours or late a night, they’ll provide great cover to keep hands toasty. But it’s not just running that I tested these out over, I used them to walk  too, particular as I like to use my smartphone on the go – the silver conductive pads on the forefinger and thumb allow this.

The fabric presents a tough and strong resilience, this is due to the double stitching included, so I KNOW these are going to take a brunt of my activities, while lasting. There have been times when I’ve been left frustrated after a couple of weeks usage of previous gloves and they’ve either split (not due to sizing issues) or even when washed correctly, the material starts to show threading and start coming apart.


I’ll admit, I very, very rarely use my phone out on a run but I know a vast majority of you out there, DO, fear not, you’re in good hands here. Using your smartphone or tablet device is easy accessible, here. Swiping, hitting start and stop on your running application is simple, but trying to text is a bit of a challenge – definitely worth using one hand to try to do so! The nifty addition of the silicon grip along the fingers where, predominately we hold our devices, is placed from the tip through to the palm –  there’s no need to fear dropping it!

During my runs, not once did I feel irritated or struggle with the inevitable build up of heat during the latter stages of the run when I had the gloves on. Actually, there were moments where I even forget they were on my hands! The eGlove gang have really done their homework and it’s easy to see why they have won awards for their products.


Using the colder conditions, the gloves (and it mentions this in the products bio) are not best suited for temperatures 3 degrees and under, although, eventually, they did warm up as I got on, it’s recommend that you look at the Xtreme Ultra Warm Gloves for colder activities – something I may have to invest in if these harsher mornings/evenings!

Overall, for those looking for a reliable accessory, should look no further. The product is flawless and the fact that they offer cover for more than just running is outstanding, it’s obvious why, as mentioned, they’ve won awards and are nominated for the Running Awards 2017.

Check out their range via their site HERE – with Christmas around the corner, it’s a worthy shocking filler!

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