A Runner’s Ramble: 2016 Review


So, another year, another chance to intake more life experience and of course, to run more.

When I come to think about it, 2016 wasn’t, again, a vintage year. No Great North Run, a lacklustre Blaydon Race and injury dampened the year – it was frustrating to say the least!

However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Trying out trail running for the first time, running for eleven days in a row and being selected for Team Totum for the Sunderland 10K was a fantastic way to wrap up the year – although, being struck down with a cold wasn’t part of the plan!

Yes, the end of year report is one that, if I could grade myself on, would be a C-. Why? Well, the above is the bulk of it but also, below too.

I remember writing a blog post or two regarding my goals and plans to achieve over the course of 12 months.IMG_3496-1

Some went to plan, others went to pot but I really enjoyed doing it as it was something to work for and a good little reminder for when I needed a kick up the backside on those “Oh, I can’t be arsed” days.

So I thought I’d do it again for 2017.

I’d review 2016 but dear Lord, it honestly, would not be worth it. I’ve not ran enough to warrant a review to be honest.

I should be thankful that I made it through without serious injury and that I was able to run but missing events like the Darlington 10K, the GNR, The South Shields 10 Mile Race and Kielder 10K hurt, simply because, as much as I love training, there was nothing to train for – if that makes sense?

Anyway, enough rambling (roll credits), here are the goals I’ve set out to try get near for next year.

2017 Running Goals:

Flexibility: Touch toes/floor without restriction

The Monthly Mile: 5:30
Position: Top 5

5K Target Time: 20:00
Position: Top 20

10K Target Time: 45:00
Position: Top 20

HM Target Time: 1:45.00
Achieve in: 12 Months


2017 Gym Goals:

Squat PB: 150kg
Current: 120kg
Achieve in: 12 months

Power Clean PB: 110kg
Current: 100kg
Achieve in: 12 months

Power Snatch PB: 65kg
Current: 52.5kg
Achieve in: 12 months

Races to Enter:

Great North Run

Darlington 10K

Blaydon Races

Kielder 10K

Great North 10K 

South Shields 10 Mile Race

South Shields Trail Race Series

You may notice that there’s a few in there that have 12 months to achieve. More so the half marathon and lifting sections. I’m only going to run one half and that’s the GNR, if I get in. I don’t really fancy picking another as, the training leading up to it fits in so well with and I’ve tuned in the ritual for two years now.

The list for my racing is new to me as, I’ve never really had a plan to enter them in advance. I think having this, is good for my training year and also, events to train for. For example, the Sunderland 10K, I feel very, very fortunate that I was selected to be part of Team Totum and have a place for the event, it’s huge and I’m FINALLY getting to run the course, one that I’ve had on my Running List since it was launched, hopefully, the weather will be kinder than past events!


The gym is one which can be completed within the year. Lifting progress can happen sooner rather than later with training at one weight. Say you do a 3 x 8 reps of a squat at 90kg, then next week you lift 100kg for that next exercise, it can happen, it’s crazy. So doing that with my squats is something to look forward to, the same with my clean and snatch lifting. I love doing these lifts, slightly favouring the former.

Anyway, I digress. A long as I get close to or better still, beat my PB’s over the year, I’ll be happy. The whole point of this is to just keep track of my running, keep in check and focus on achieving something for the year, rather than dossing around the house looking like a spare part.

If you’re following the same as I am, good luck and let me know! I love hearing about folk chasing goals and then if they have achieved them!

Have a GREAT New Year and here’s to 2017!

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