Team Totum – ASSEMBLE!

So we’ve had Christmas, my Birthday and New Year but on Monday, it felt like all of those days rolled into one.

It may have been a relaxing Bank Holiday for some but for me, it was end-to-end stuff!

It kicked off by rising out the pit of bed at 07:30, packing hastily and braving the icy elements in Alnwick while heading down the A1 to Cramlington to make a quick pit stop.

After, my journey through to Sunderland was pretty straight forward, of course, I’m now always hesitant to use the Metro services because of the recent bother they’ve been having but thankfully, I managed to jump on the South Hylton service, while breathing in the views from the different stops, then I realised “I don’t have any gloves for the game!”

The weather was bitter, like, really bitter. The icy snap was still lingering and as you find out when you go to football matches, you need to be wearing copious amounts of layers just to get warm, without a pair of gloves, I’d struggle.


So, as I rocked into St Peter’s, I thought I’d take advantage of clocking in those key steps for my FitBit and walk towards the club shop. A simple purchase of gloves was complete but I had no idea that I was standing behind a fellow, Team Totum’er – Peter (Hi Peter!). He told me he recognised me from my vlogging, which was mint!

It’s always nice to be recognised for your work but it’s so much better to meet a fellow runner, find out a bit about them and why they run, almost each story is unique, which makes the sport amazing to do.

We then bumped in to Alice and were on our way for our packs and ticket collections along with a quick recap of the benefits of Totum along with, Katie Bulmer-Cooke and Aly Dixon talking us through their experiences with it. It was refreshing to hear pros talk about stuff like this. I’m one for being skeptical with recovery shakes, gels etc, with past experience resulted in either an upset tummy or a very expensive pee.


Going off what Aly and Katie were saying, I’m quite excited to give it a go and I think it turned a few heads at the same time too.

There was a nice surprise for us also as there was a free gym membership to sign up for, of course, I felt bad that I couldn’t take it up! Living in Cramlington (soon to be moving further North) would be too much of a commute, plus, I’m already a member at a gym but the gesture was fantastic to those and, if you’re reading this thinking it wont help, it certainly will! Strength training is MASSIVE for improving your running, believe me!

Anyway, after the food and consumption of coffee was complete, I started making my way around to meet folk, putting names to faces, bounce ideas off and get mental notes for blogs, as well as, vlog ideas – my new toy of the Canon 700D will play its part here!

Then came the fun part – watching my beloved Sunderland!


Although it was very, VERY cold, there’s nothing greater than watching a game of football, whether it’s locally or a high standard, it’s a wonderful distraction for an afternoon. Against Liverpool, it was always going to be tough but we played well and battled out a draw, always helpful after the season we’re having!

All that was left to do was, head home, warm up and wind down. The next couple of weeks I’ll be planning training for the running year, with training for the Sunderland 10K starting, roughly, in March time – I like to get between 8-12 weeks worth of blocked training in, it’s how I tick!

It’ll be interesting to see how the Totum sachets play their part for pre/post-training which of course, I’ll be blogging about, so stay tuned!

If you’re interested in learning more about Totum Sport, check out their website, HERE

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