Trails and Totum!

So, last week wasn’t perfect in terms of training – I didn’t start running until Friday!

As mentioned in my previous blog, I’m not due to start training until March time for the Sunderland 10K, so I’ve not really had the mojo, yet, to focus for upping the milage and gym work.

Instead, I used the two runs I did, to clear out the cobwebs and also implement the Totum Sport supplement too.

I’ve worked out that during the build up to May I’ll be running three times a week, over a 12 week period, meaning that I’ll be needing 36 sachets, give or take. I’ve deiced to put four boxes to one side to use then and keep the remaining box to use over the odd run, here and there, to get used to the taste and also to aid with training – which, after the first one, it’s quite positive.


As I mentioned, Friday was the first run I went out for in over a week, my last being the New Year’s Eve Park Run at Druridge Bay, which was my first time there for that course – I’ll definitely be back!


My day at work was a bad one, so bad, that I marched straight to my bedroom, got changed, and ran out the door. My thought going home was “I need to run or else I’ll be a grump all night.” We all have those days, though, don’t we? They happen but it’s how you deal with it, that provides the outcome and running brought calmness, clarity and most of all, reducing my stress.

I was only 5km but it’s better than nothing, long as I got out the house for 10 minutes or more. Sadly, I got caught up with getting out as soon as possible, I totally forgot to try my Totum Sport, which I was kicking myself during the route!

On Sunday, however, I managed to fuel my first race of 2017, the South Shields 5km Trail Race, wonderfully put together by Luke Adams. Now, towards the backend of the year, I’ve only just started to get involved with trail/fell running, using Luke’s Guided Trail Run series to dip my toe into the water of it all, since then, I’ve never looked back!


Before the race, I quickly got changed at my car, trail shoes included and downed my sachet, this was it, time to put Totum to the test! I tried the swirling technique that has been mentioned but that lasted about five seconds before I bit the dust and just swallowed it.

img_4913I have to say, during the race, as tough as the conditions were, I felt great! Once I got into my rhythm, they always say the first mile is the hardest, I attacked the remaining two miles has hard as I could and didn’t feel I was blowing until the last 50m of the route.

Normally, when I’ve ran hard, I get this horrible headache followed by feeling utter crap for the rest of the day, it’s norm but shortly after I got home, I still felt relatively okay, the come down came right in the middle of shopping, of course!

So far, so good! If that is a taster of what is to come for the next couple of runs and races then  Totum Sport is going to be a game-changer!

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