Putting It In The Diary

This week has not been one to remember in terms of training or running in general, it been fairly poor if I’m going to be brutally honest.

I only got out once during the week and that was on a Tuesday morning for a fairly steady 5km plod around Cramlington. As it was my partner’s birthday, I really didn’t want to be rushing around after work, getting ready and getting out, to miss a chunk of the evening – and eat cake!

I don’t normally start until 10am on Tuesday mornings, so I thought to myself, “set your alarm, get out and bank the miles!” and I did just that. I had my kit set out the night before, my Totum Sport sachet on top with a banana and out the door I would go!

I keep reading blogs and posts how running first thing, makes folk feel fresh, revitalised or the best way to start the day – I don’t see it.

I mean, the run was fine, actually, I quite enjoyed it, to be honest. It was so quiet and peaceful, it was like a mediation session for 25 minutes if I could compare it to something but afterwards, particularly at work, I was absolutely flagging! It wasn’t a hard run in the slightest, but getting up early and exercising just made me feel so, so tired, even after a huge and nutritional, I will add, breakfast!


The next day, I decided to get the diary out and add sessions/races to it. I’m a big fan of keeping organised via that and also my phone. My diary is never too far away from me, so I always have it at hand to pen idea of training or, when I eventually go back, the gym – I miss my Olympic Lifting SO MUCH!

From then, I wasn’t really keeping active. Poor from myself but when you’re exhausted from work, it’s very, very tough to even get off the sofa. I go for walks with Emma to keep our totals up for our FitBit devices but running wasn’t in my mind, I took the camera out with me too so I tried to get some scenic pictures around our way – I’m currently rubbish but have invested in photography lessons for a helping hand!

Saturday was a day I won’t forget, although the wine helped with some parts. Yes, if you haven’t seen the pictures, I was very lucky to be wined and dined at Sunderland Association Football Club’s Business Suite. I was there on behalf of work, so it was a great way to socialise with folk who have connections to the company.

The food, tour and occasion was magical. Sitting on the bench in David Moyes’ seat, walking across the players changing rooms, literally within touching distance of the pitch, it was all incredible, but, with the wine flowing, I slowly began to hit a wall and boy, have I paid for it – I drank more than I should have,  I won’t be doing that for a long time, a lesson definitely learned.



I should point out, I don’t really drink. I don’t go out every weekend, in fact, I’m the complete opposite. I’d much rather stay in or as far as a meal, have soft drinks and chill out, long gone are the days where I could drink back-to-back and not feel anything the next day.

When block training kicks in, I stay well clear of the booze. I see it as a weakness with training, which may sound a bit dramatic but the way I see it is, if I’m putting my body through hell, almost, and I’m having glass of wine or a beer, it’s a setback, undoing a training session that’s in the bank.

Is it over thinking? Maybe? Pathetic? Possibly or is it me taking running ‘too’ seriously? A little bit. Folk have different opinions in this and I am curious to find out yours, so let me know, below!

Hopefully, this week will be more productive and a rhythm can be struck. There’s a few runs planned in the diary with the Guided Trail Run on Sunday at Roseberry Topping, to wrap up the week, which I’m SO excited for, so expect pictures and maybe a vlog too!

3 thoughts on “Putting It In The Diary

  1. Thank you! 🙂 Long gone are the days were a few wouldn’t do any harm. Now, I’ll avoid it for events until AFTER! Worth it then! Likewise! Hope it’s going well!

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  2. Another great read. I’m not a heavy drinker at all now but a glass of wine now or then doesn’t hurt. If I’ve got a race planned I’ll leave the drink for a couple of days and have 1 or 2 after to celebrate. Love the pic in the gaffer’s seat! Here’s to a good week of training.


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