Topping Up My Running

It’s been quite a week for myself, if I’m going to be honest.

The diary is slowly starting to look buff with potential race dates and plans, with a few Parkruns thrown in there for good measure.

I genuinely think that planning is key to having a successful running year. It gives you that kick up the backside you need to get out the door or a reason to put a bit of work in for the next 8-12 weeks, you would have read a bit about this in my last blog.

Equally important, I finally managed to bank series miles in, including my first 10K for a long, LONG time.

Getting my usual 5K during the week was simple enough but left me wanting more and that’s when the Guided Trail Run came at a perfect time.


Sunday was the day I really want to give Totum Sport a go. I’ve used it before runs and felt the benefit of it but I really wanted to push to use two sachets, to see how good it was for an intense run and Rosebery Topping was the perfect opportunity.

As I arrived and met fellow runners in the car park, a twinge of nervousness coursed through my body. I’ve hiked and walked up places before but this was the highest I’d ever run and bloody hell, it was scary.

“Will I be warm enough?”

“What if get injured halfway?”

“Can I actually do this?”

So many doubts raced through my mind, it was scary and my unnecessary overthinking almost went into overdrive but rather than let it put me off, I took it on the chin and cracked on – which I’m glad I did.

Getting started was tough enough, it was pretty much vertical climbing for half a mile or so and my legs were burning that, walking up was the practical thing to do. Honestly, it’s the toughest start to a run I’ve ever experienced and my body wasn’t ready, even after consuming my first sachet of Totum.

The views were unbelievable, stunning and totally picturesque. The level of tranquility as well? Outstanding! It was so quiet, that it could have sat there and enjoyed it for hours on end.img_5047

As much as I wanted to enjoy the view, it was canny cold, so I made my way down to enjoy the rest of the route, enjoying the descents and paths.

More climbs, including a torturous rise towards the Captain Cook Memorial and eye-catching views, I was starting to flag but as I was just about to down my second Totum sachet, we were pretty much at the end – only a couple KM to go, so I held out and ran through the incredibly tough clarts (sticky mud) to the finish.

img_5042I couldn’t have downed the contents no that blue packet any faster as my body screamed for something to aid recovery at the end. I did eat half way and definitely ate after, stuffing my face until I could barely move – no alcohol this time though!

Even though I came back as a broken man, I feel that I’ll benefit massively from this. My legs will be stronger and the all important miles have been banked, making training this week easy for now, as I count down the days to the first block of training in a couple of months time.

Also, if you fancy trying the Guided Trail Run, I’ve attached a link HERE for you to check out. Honestly, it’’s making a difference AND you don’t have to be a trail runner, it’s perfect to dip your toe in the water and meet new people as I explain in my blog about it.

As I keep mentioning, Totum Sport IS making a difference in my running but you might be reading and asking “what the hell is Totum Sport?”

Well ask no more as I’ve provided a link HERE for you to check them out!

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