The One With New Beginnings

Man, I have really been lacking in the blog scene but there’s a reason!

You may or may not have seen my posts about buying a house with Emma and moving – an incredibly exciting but exhausting time, of course! Thankfully, it wasn’t as stressful due to the fact we had incredible support – thank you, you know who you are!

With this, running has taken a backseat for the working week and limiting myself to weekend running. Not that I’m complaining, any run is better than no run, isn’t it? 

I figured, as I’ve missed two weeks of blogging, I’d condense them both into this blog – hammering the word count and hopefully, a worthy read!

As mentioned, the weekend over 4/5th was my chance to squeeze in some miles to keep me sane and ticking over ahead of the move on the following Monday.

img_5066I took the opportunity to have a drive through to the Sunderland Parkrun, meet up with Sam, an old friend from my Uni days, who has recently discovered the wonders of the weekly run and also have a catch up with her, as it’s been years since we last spoke.

Overall, the run felt okay, a bit congested at the start but that’s natural at Parkruns – a good sign as it shows its popularity is growing – but once I got motoring, I flew. Picking off runners and made my way around the course in a comfortable pace to finish in 24 minutes, which, years ago I’d be fuming but as I’m not really in training mode, yet, it was nice to feel that I can lower this if I need to.

The day after, I took the opportunity to enjoy a recovery run in my favourite place to run – Alnwick. The aim was to enjoy it and not force myself to run anywhere near seven minutes per mile, take each hill as it comes and then just enjoy the views and peace – the beauty of this was, I ran 10k, my first for 2017! Best of all, having the Totum Sport there, genuinely helped me through the latter stages, where I know I would have struggled without it and it was well under an hour, happy days!


Fast forward to next week and I was back at Sunderland for another Parkrun, however, the weather wasn’t great.

Rain, chilling winds and low temperatures peppered the North East and, understandably, it would have put most runners off but not TEAM TOTUM! Peter, a member of the gang, organised a meet up for a #TearAndDrink photo – a campaign started by TS to share content of us drinking our sachets – I’ve been that busy that I’ve not had a chance!

Thankfully, the meet up got me started and it was so good to catch up with everyone. I tweeted, not long after the run that, before, we were individuals and now we’re a team and that was the case last Saturday. The bond was so strong and encouraging, especially around the course, particularly during the run as I gave encouragement for the runners to get around quicker.

PB’s were falling, a huge testament to everyone’s training and use of Totum, even in the poor weather conditions and ‘delightful’ hill at the end. Personally, running 22:46 was out of the blue and felt amazing as, I’ve not been training so, how that happened? I do not know but I will take it.


As a bonus, it was the most fun I’ve had in a long, long time running. I was constantly swapping positions with a bloke from ¾ of the race to the end and then following a monster of a man from the first lap of the lake to the end.

What made it so fun was the banter, as me and the man in the blue jacket traded places as the giant began to pull away, I tried to stick with him but his leg span was too much for me to keep up with, he was eating the ground up. As approached the hill, blue jacket man made an approach to pass, cue the long legs of the gentle giant to put his foot down and he was gone within seconds, up the hill and finished, all three of us shared some funny one-liners and as the hill approached, I went for it – best of all we all waited for each other and shook hands, complementing our run.

kbcFrom then, we all gathered in Silksworth’s Sports Facility to get to grips with a stretching session with Katie Bulmer-Cooke. Now, I try squeeze at least 10-15 mins of it in, post-run, purely to keep me in tip-top shape and also, stay injury free. I have a basic understanding of what to do but Katie’s methods have offered further and greater depth for me to try, on top of using the hockey ball for the glutes – I’d say I’ll upgrade to the golf ball but I’ll just stick to that for my feet!

On top of that, I have to say a massive thank you to Katie, herself. Since the Totum journey began, Katie has been a massively influence for not only my blog but myself too. I was totally stars truck when I first met her back in December but since then, she’s offered support and continually asks how the blog is going, something I’m very grateful for. I’ve already mentioned it in an Instagram post but, THANK YOU, KATIE!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to crack on with some running, explore the neighbourhood and also, road test the car park or as I’m calling it, the road track as well as entering the Blaydon Races!

If you want to get to grips on what Totum Sport is and what it does, I’ll leave you links to check it out HERE!

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