The One With Country Roads

Feels like I’ve only just popped out a blog as I try get back in track with a weekly post – it’s been an interesting week, however. 

If you missed it, you can catch up with my latest ramblings from an absolutely manic couple of weeks, as I try to condense two weeks of weekend running, into one blog, here.

As me and Emma settle into our new surroundings, I took the opportunity to do a bit of exploring. Of course, as the dark nights are still loitering – not for long going from the recently delay of sunset – I didn’t fancy taking the chance of playing chicken along the country roads in just my reflective gear, hence the quest of looking for a head torch had begun!

Potential trail route…?
Thanks to the wonderful community that is the UK Run Chat crew, I’ve got a good idea what to use to have a really good nosy around Morpeth.

When I got back from work, I suited up, downed my Totum and had a plod around the site of where we now live and where the development is taking place. Having visited the showrooms a couple of times, I was fairly familiar of the layout and where I could or couldn’t not go. I trekked to the other side of the estate, where the other homes are and looped there a few times before finishing on the ‘Road Track’ for a couple of laps.

It was only two miles but it was nice to get my legs ticking during the week and know how far places are, if ever I need to use them for speed sessions.

The week once again flew by, having booked my place in the Blaydon Races was a brilliant way to see if out. I didn’t really fancy a Parkun (I know, for shame!) but the last couple of weeks really caught up with me, so a well earned lie in and rest day was earned, heading to Gateshead to watch the North East Indoor Championships, while watching the Birmingham World Indoor Grand Prix on my phone at the same time- I should note here, watching Laura Muir is a wonderful breath of fresh air this year, she’s making running look very easy and hopefully, she builds on it during the World Championship year!

fullsizerender-11As the sun crept in on a very Spring-like Sunday morning, I told myself that today would be the long run day, to really go explore the country roads and get used them, as this would now by my Fortress of Solitude.

I ate breakfast of wheat biscuits and banana, coffee, wee drink of water and then, after letting it digest, of course, the magic that is Totum Sport – I knew I’d need the latter at the penultimate stages.

The route was simple, a nice straight line, making sure I ran towards traffic and checking my corners if they were blind. I was apprehensive but got used to it, however, as the day went on, it got hotter and I was suffering slightly but there wasn’t anything I could do but just plod on and take shade when I could.

Another 10K was locked, which, at 51 minutes, I keep saying it, there’s definitely a sub-45 minute time in my legs and I as I celebrate this thought, I managed to take a snap of my first solo #TearAndDrink photo!

Overall, a solid week, even more encouraging that I can run a 10K in that time, with hills and come out in good shape!

The state of my barnet, man! 

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