The One With Picking New Runners

The sensation of buying a new, fresh pair of runners is, without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest feeling…ever…period.

It’s like Christmas, Easter (all day chocolate binge, ha’way!) and your Birthday all rolled into one, it’s even better if you’re not the one paying for them – although, that can be rare these days!

As Big Ben struck at the midnight hour, to lead us into the year of 2017, I knew, not then of course as I was fast asleep, that this would be the year I need a new pair of long distance runners. I’ve had the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus’ for two/three years now and, although they’ve served me well, I fancy the change. 

img_0590The challenge is now, to get the right shoe!

Jumping from one brand to another does have its ups and downs. Recently, I’ve been using the guides from Runner Repeat and Running Shoe Guru to help chop and change what I want, this changes weekly – no joke!

There’s times where I’m 100% certain on a pair of shoes, then I change my mind at the last minute. Now, some of you might be saying, “well, why don’t you stick to what you are used to?” and you’d be right in asking that. I live on the motto “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” but looking at brands such as Saucony and Adidas have really turned my head, recently.

In the space of two months, I’ve looked at the latest Nike Pegasus 33, Brooks Launch 4, Saucony Freedom ISO/ Zealot ISO 2 and the Adidas Supernova – with the latter two catching my eye, as mentioned, not just by looks (you don’t run PB’s by how bright or dark shoes looks) but performance values.

All my racing shoes, including my trail shoes, are Adidas and I fancy sticking to that, continuity is key, right?


I’ve been in love with the Boston Boost models since 2014, when the bright orange pair were given to me as a Birthday present – I’ve still got them now, in fact, but I fear they are on their last legs and will soon, have to bite the dust. Although the BB6 shoes I have as their replacement (these were given to me for free), waiting in the wings, I want to try use them as my competition shoes – meaning I have look at getting another pair of flats to play/train in *monkey face palm*.

With the possibility of the Great North Run being entered this year, still waiting to have enough to enter via a charity, I need to make sure that I’ve both broken them in and they suit my feet. Running in flats is out the question, I’m simply not quick enough to warrant running in a pair, so something

In the end, I’m just going to put up and shut up with a pair, using Start Fitness as my port of call to get a feel of them as, buying shoes online is like Russian Roulette, they either fit magically and you’re good or, they’re slightly off, leaving you to, unavoidably of course, paying to send them back and then waiting – it’s why I feel quite fortunate that I’m based near a running store.

Hopefully, I’ll have a pair bedded in or around June ready to run 13.1 miles, it’s just not knowing which pair! Just as long as long as they gets me from A to M (see what I did there?).

Have you been in this situation of changing your mind for running shoes or even kit? Let me know in the comments! 

2 thoughts on “The One With Picking New Runners

  1. It’s once you get a mint pair, you dare change, just in case! Reviews do it as well!


  2. Yeah Plummer for Salomon trails readingbupnon them , have recently bought some Merrells and loving them , it still fancy another pair too. Road shoes are 2 pair of Nike Vomero & Mizuno Wave rider 18,s. Had the Mizuni changed to Nike back to new mizunos back to nikes!


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