The One With One Run

Like the result of Storm Doris up here in the North East, my week of running was very, very dry.

I fancied a bit of down time and, as I had some time off, me and Emma decided to look after the dog, Patch (not ours!). If you followed my Instagram, I ran nice little story on it when I took the lad out for a long walk!

fullsizerender-12Running was simply replaced with walking, so it wasn’t like I was sitting doing nothing all day, I was very much active. It wasn’t until Sunday, where I took to the roads for a nice, long run, discovering more routes to add for future training runs.

The seven mile route that I went on, involved more country roads, which was fine as, the more I run them, the more I’ll get used to them.

I’ll be honest, even with a pre and post-gulp of my Totum Sport, my body and I, did not like it at all. From start to finish, each mile felt so, so sluggish and a massive struggle, more so, when the stomach cramps kicked in – I even contemplated wrapping it up after four miles, It was that rough.

Maybe it was me rushing breakfast and not letting it settle or the all the early mornings catching up with me, I’m not sure but I know I was definitely one to forget, that’s for sure!

I think, also, it’s now getting to the point where I’m frustrated, more so with the winter weather. The darker nights are still here and they are doing my head in! All I want to do, is get out and run and this upcoming coming week is massive, as I officially start training for the Siglion Sunderland 10K.


Living in the countryside means there’s little, to no light at night time outside of our estate, which is fine, it’s actually tranquil during the day – especially when it’s windy, honestly, it’s amazing to read or relax to – but running can be dangerous. I still don’t have a headtorch (I simply can’t afford it at the minute) so trying to beat the elements is very, very hard, leaving me to run only at weekends.

Nonetheless, overall, running seven miles and adding the volume to my legs is a massive boost. Knowing I can do it, even at a testing time, shows strength in mind and body – perfect for the first training week for, as mentioned, the Sunderland 10K.

A messed up week, we’re allowed them – hopefully, I’ll just be able to crack on and just keep gan!

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