The One With The HIIT

It’s strange to think how, one day, you’re so far past the point of tiredness, that you can barely peel yourself off the sofa and other days, you’ve gained energy out of nowhere – this is exactly how last week has been!

The welcomed return of three sessions a week arrived, although only two have featured as running, it’s now getting to that point of the program where I have to keep this rhythm going or the Siglion Sunderland 10k is going to be a struggle.

Monday was the return of my jazz dance lesson, getting the cardio in AND switching my brain on, it does that with remembering steps and timing too, which I love! It’s not high intensity but it’s enough to get the pulse going and keep ticking over!

IMG_0627.jpgTuesday seen the return of the mid-week 5k, which I am DELIGHTED in, as I really have missed running these, having the head torch has helped and played a massive part in getting around the trails near mine. I wanted to change it up and try night time trail running, see how it is and if I’ll adapt to it. Turns out, I don’t like it and I was quick to wrap things up after the clock struck 30 minutes. Saying that, I did enjoy lacing the Kanadia’s up again!

With energy levels at 0%, I was struggling to get out. It’s always tough to get going but when you’re falling asleep by 7:30/8pm, you know it’s simply, not going to happen. This went on for two days before I kicked off my weekend by running, what was supposed to be, an easy 30 minute plod.

I have no idea where it came from, whether it was via the Totum Sport or everything just clicking but my legs went into hyperspeed. I felt amazing from mile 1.5 onwards, obliterating hills, gobbling up the flats and zooming by the downhills, it’s been a while since I had this feeling and I really didn’t want it to go away.

“Could I keep this up for 45 minutes? Yes? No? Give me a sign” was what played through my head after each mile, in the end, I’m glad that I held back and just finished my originally planned time, I’ll bottle it up and save as much as I can for the 10K. If I can maintain or even lower the averages between now and then, well, lets just say that my PB time will be massively chopped down!IMG_5188.JPG

That left Sunday to get in the traditional long run day but it wasn’t happening on my end. I’m not angry or feel like I was lazy, I just had nothing in my legs to sustain a seven mile run, so, I took the next best option – a ‘gym’ session. I follow The Body Coach on social media, I know he’s a bit marmite for folk but I like this meal prep and HIIT sessions, so I gave one a try.

I should mention, that the night before the session, I did have a housewarming with a few G&Ts along with pizzas, snacks and nibbles – I’m not complaining, I love stuff like this now and then, it’s good to have a day to just eat freely.

At first, I felt good, strong and, more so, fit, as the exercises I’d be doing would be high knees, burpees, power squats and mountain climbers, then round two kicked in…then three…then four – I was dripping in sweat and blowing! Even with the doors wide open, I was pouring! I loved it though, absolutely loved it! I have never tried a HIIT session before and, to be honest, I never really believed they worked – I’ve now been proven wrong! 


Anyway, this week is going to see the return of power cleans, power snatch, heavy squatting and anything olympic lifting-related as the S & C block finally comes into play!

Let just hope my body allows me!

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