The One With The Bog

The windup to the Siglion Sunderland 10km is ON!

I absolutely love it when the time comes to get the speed endurance in the legs and also, get that sensation, when you know that you can run the distance needed within a time that’s acceptable – of course, like every runner at every event, we always look for that PB.

17264171_10158473705185165_6748862303469723354_nThe way that things are going, I’m on for a solid PB, long as I can avoid injuries and illnesses, I feel that great and Totum Sport is proving to be a big help as I make key improvements and run swift season’s bests.

Although my running week was a wee bit slow to start, like every Monday, I had my dance lesson but my mood was awful. I was tired, hungry and wanted to just chill for a couple of hours, nonetheless, I bucked up my ideas and went along – the dancing would act as a fantastic tonic to beat the mood out of me.

It wasn’t until Wednesday, before I got out for a speed session in the countryside with a 3 x 8 minute blast. It was a fantastic feeling, knowing I can hold a pace, feel strong and keep it consistent, too. It also worked as a perfect set up for the Durham Parkrun the following weekend.

I was planning on going to the gym following from the speed session, but I felt rubbish, not unwell rubbish, just not enough energy to get there and start lifting, which I was angry at myself because I really wanted to get back lifting!

Saturday came and it was an early start to travel south, down the A1 towards Durham, to help celebrate, fellow running blogger, Katie Jane Online, her 50th Parkrun. This, is an achievement I am now seeking to accomplish. It’s not the shirt that I’m after, it’s the sense of accomplishment since I ran my first one back in 2013 – you’d think I’d be well over that feat after four-years of running it!17342899_10158473705650165_6753479446641673074_n

I actually enjoyed the Durham course. It’s flat, fast and I think, on a dry day, you’ll fly to a PB – it’s a course I’ll be returning to for a speed session, for sure! My time was 22:32, which is a SB in 2017, meaning I’m on my way to sub-22 again. My official PB for 5K is 21:00 (21:08 for PR) and I know I’m gearing and winding up to hit that massively – maybe at the South Shields 5k event that’s coming up!

That just left Sunday, the traditional long run day.

There would absolutely no point in running anything more than five miles after running hard that day before. It would be tempting an injury plus, I’d be putting my body under stress, so, getting a trail run under my belt would be the best option as, the route I’d run, doesn’t have hills and I don’t have to worry about time/splits – just a long as it keeps me ticking over.

However, towards the end of the run, I managed to find myself stuck in the monster of bogs, honestly, I didn’t think I’d get out, it was hilarious. I wasn’t panicking, more so, laughing my head off, I did get out, but my trail shoes were caked in clarts, mud and the result of that bog – which went up to my shin!

The views, the route, the weather and the speed made it such a good little session to wrap up the week with and something I’d encourage any runner to do if they wanted to change up or relax a little with training .

Next week, It’ll be different again as, I’m not just running but playing in a charity football match, too!

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