The One With Sore Legs

Six. Weeks. To. Go.

I can’t believe how fast time has flown since and how soon I, along with the other Team Totum-ers, will be hitting the streets of Sunderland seeking that elusive personal best.

But before I start, I have a slight confession. I reverted back to playing football.

IMG_5203But fear not! It was only for one evening, I won’t be making the switch permanently, my legs wont be able to handle it, as I have found out this weekend, I’ll explain soon.

Of course, the week began, as it has for the last four weeks with my dance lesson, the routine is looking good and even with heavy legs, I managed to crack on and get the heart rate up!

I am pleased to report that I have ran once during the week, a fantastic 6 x 3 minute speed session on Wednesday , which left me feeling so quick, like I mean, quick. It was the perfect confidence boost, hinting that I can nail a quick 10K PB.

A huge shoutout to Totum Sport here, it is saving my running life at the minute! I may sound over dramatic but hear me out. Like everyone else out there, I do have my days where I am really, really tired when I get home and motivation to get out for a trot can be testing – this is where Totum helps.

Trying to down a coffee before I run is a big no-no to me and I certainly would not refer to an energy drink, I really don’t want that amount of sugar floating around to then let me crash halfway through a session.


After downing my sachet and waiting the 20 minutes as advised, I feel that bit more awake and alert, allowing me to lock in training, especially as the clock is ticking for the Siglion Sunderland 10K in May.

It’s been a fantastic tool to include with my running. 

That left Friday’s antics to play out.

I was involved in a charity football game in South Shields to raise funds for Bradley Lowery, Sunderland vs Newcastle, all for fun and smiles.

I did enjoy it, it was nice to dust the boots off again after a six year hiatus (I even used a couple of sachets during the game) but even after playing, I won’t be back in the future. It left my legs absolutely battered plus, I can’t afford to risk picking up injuries or interfere with my running, it means too much to me.

Nonetheless, I felt proud to be involved with something like this and to raise over £1000 was a great result in the end, with an added bonus of Sunderland beating the Toon!

Saturday would mark the final meet up for Team Totum after the Sunderland Parkrun, before the big race. It’s incredible to see how strong the team is right now and how many friendships are forming because of it, sharing training or racing as well as showing so much support – especially for Graeme, who sadly will be missing out due to a hip injury (get well soon buddy!).

We were put through our paces via an S&C session from Katie, to give us another helping hand to get us that little more stronger before the run – it was such a good laugh, with the theme being French, as the last meet up was predominantly Pirate, mainly from the induced noises from the stretching! 


Now, I absolutely love my S&C training – it’s severely lacked in this block of training, maybe too late to really push it but I’ll certainly be applying the exercises along with the Olympic Lifting, to my routine.

I love lifting, I really do. I’ve probably said I several times but it’s like a breath of fresh air and the feeling when you can squat over 100kg or power clean your body weight is unbelievable and one that I never get bored of – but I digress.

We got our race-day info, the last drop of our product and, an item that has been hotly anticipated from the group – the official race t-shirt!

All that’s left to do, is keep training, don’t over do it and keep smiling!

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