The One Before The Sunderland 10k

This is it. Four months of training, highs, lows and lots of  Totum Sport, have come down to this. Tomorrow, Team Totum will be heading to the start line of the Siglion Sunderland 10k & Half Marathon.

IMG_5333To say that training has gone without a hitch, would be a lie. It’s been great at times, rubbish and more so, frustrating on other occasions.

The injury setback really knocked my rhythm, confidence and focus. Sitting, doing next to nothing, irritated the shit out of me because I hate sitting on my hands and not being able to run, especially if it’s out of my hands.

However, after finally accepting the quad tweak and allowing my body to recover, I feel completely refreshed and ready to take on the 10K route. The PB may not be achievable, but to still be fit to run the race is a huge blessing, one that I really want to grab with both hands, after running an encouraging 6 miles recently, it proved that I have a good engine.

I even completed my second S&C session last weekend at my friends wedding! It was safe to say, it hurt but I bloody loved it, so much so, Emma and I decided to build our own gym!

I really should address the fact that I have not blogged in over two weeks. The previous blog was exactly the same, I’ve simply lost track of time, enjoyed my weekends and relaxing a little, while focusing on my training.

I have missed it, most definitely and I felt awful when I couldn’t get the chance to sit on my Mac and type away, I apologise and I hope that the break is not as long as it has been recently.

At the same time, I have been vlogging the last week of training, to give an insight of what it’s like leading up to a big race. Hopefully, it’ll show you what I’ve been up to and not too boring to watch!IMG_5369

I am sad that this maybe the last time that the Team Totum squad will all be together in one spot. The group has shown continuous support with each other, I’ve made new running friends and I’m almost certain that I’ll see one or two at a Parkrun, maybe even a different race!

With that, I have to say a massive thank you to everybody at Totum Sport. They gave me and the rest of Team Totum the opportunity to run the Siglion Sunderland 10k & Half Marathon, provide us with the supplement and offer us daily support, along with Katie Bulmer-Cooke with the stretching, strength work and of course the tennis balls! 

It’s an experience that I’ll not forget and I’m delighted that I have been a part of it.

All that’s left to do is, keep loose, go for a swift walk, pack my kit and show up with a smile.

Let’s do this, Team Totum!

P.S. Thank you to EVERYONE that has volunteered ahead of the race! We appreciate everything that you do and giving your free time to help before, during and after the race. You are all amazing!

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