Building For Blaydon

After the jubilation of finishing the Siglion Sunderland 10k, I don’t have to wait long for my next running event  The Blaydon Races.

Next Friday, I and thousands more, will work our way from Newcastle and across the River Tyne to Blaydon, in one of my top races to enter each year.

Building for the Blaydon Races is not something I try to push all my training into but as long as I get something out of it, I’m happy. I want to show up fit and although again, I’m not quite in PB shape, this will do me the world of good ahead of building towards the Great North Run – which you may have seen, I’ve entered!

Training has been going well since Sunderland, I’ve got back into the swing of my S&C work with the mini gym Emma and myself have been building. Exercises involving squatting, single legged work and core all counting here.  I have mentioned that I’ve missed this so much and it’s been lacking in my training, hence picking up little niggles and injuries. I don’t have to fear for that now, as long as I keep it up and embrace the kettlebell workouts!

As it builds up to race day, the next two weeks are just about ticking over nicely, making sure that I don’t overdo it and not collect any unwanted DOMS. The last thing that I want is to get to the start line and feel sore and heavy. I love this event, so making sure I enjoy it rather than slugging it along is pivotal. 


As I’m involved with races that are back-to-back, it got me thinking and I take inspiration from fellow running blogger, Running Rebooted, that I want to enter one race a month for the rest of the year.

When I rant about losing my mojo, it’s down to not training for anything between the Great North Run and when the bulk of the running races start in April the following year. If I can keep myself distracted with a run each month – maybe I can progress, returning to the form I was in back in 2014.

Plus, it’ll add to the bling, which I am seriously lacking in! It doesn’t warrant purchasing a medal hanger at all, as it would only hold a few, right now.

Ever since crossing that line in Sunderland, there’s a large fire in my belly. It’s hard to describe, it’s like my running has been reset and I now have a purpose in running. I’ve missed this incredibly! 

I have looked at the fixtures for the rest of 2017, it’s races after September is when I’ll struggle, I think (If anyone has any suggestions, I’m game!) as I’ll either be too lazy to train after the HM and lose focus or I’ll just give up due to the lack of knowledge of events then.

So completing Virtual Runs, such as Pow! Virtual Running or distance goals will be a great way to keep topped up and claim some seriously geeky bling!

I really hope I can keep this up!

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