Sir Mo – The Inspiration

Last week’s IAAF World Championships in London came to a spectacular close, as we all said our goodbyes to two superstars that have revolutionised track and field.

Usain Bolt, the world record holder in the 100m and 200m, multiple world and Olympic champion, the coolest geezer on the planet and Mo Farah, Britain’s most successful distance runner, legends on and off the track, said their goodbyes.

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I was lucky enough to be in the presence of Sir Mo in 2015

Although it won’t be the last time we see Mo, as he’s due to compete on the road circuit, kicking off, you could say, at the Great North Run next month.

Watching the BBC coverage over the 10 days was like Christmas come early to me, purely because of my background in athletics, I’m a fan and always will be glued to my TV whenever it’s on.

Seeing Mo take on the 5k and 10k events really inspired me, not just because he made the podium, but just his tactics, the way he runs and refuses to panic, regardless of what situation crosses his path. He’s done it since 2011 and, yes, it’s a shame he’s not on the track anymore, but I can’t wait to see what he does with his road racing.

I can remember watching him in the Beijing 2008 Olympics, not quite having the edge to make the final. Back then I didn’t really follow distance running but his name was being thrown around as a potential star in the making, fast-forward to the present day and you can see why.

But it’s not just Farah that struck an accord with me, local ladies Aly Dixon, Sarah McDonald and Laura Weightman showed that North East grit and smile to do well in their marathon and 1500m final. Guy Learmonth, Kyle Langford and Abel Kiprop are now on the list of athletes I look up to – it’s grown by the year!

I think it’s key to have athletes like these to inspire you. I’m never going to be as quick as everyone mentioned but if I can show the same guts and determination they demonstrated in London, then why can’t I?

I’d love to sit one of them down and just pick their brains on running, or just sit back and let them tell their story – maybe that could happen in the future?

Who inspires you to run?

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