Three Fitness Annoyances

Three things. Three annoying things.

I get it, fitness is a stress relief, a lifestyle or something to do when work is not involved. But I’ve been around the block, for over ten years ( a bit of a long walk, I know) and I’ve come to realise that some, not all, things that annoy the living days out of me and I’m about to go through three.

  1. ‘Take no days off’

At what point does someone think, “Hmm, you know what? I’m going to work my backside off and then not sleep. Instead, I’ll just workout twice, maybe even three times and just not rest.”

I’m sorry but WHAT?! How does this help someone progress in their sport? Even elite athletes sleep and have rest days, believe me. Resting is SUCH a massive deal after doing your activity, it’s actually fairly important – just type in ‘recovery in exercise’ and there are a plethora of articles for you to read, depending on your sport.

When I see motivational posts like this, I cringe, then laugh, simply because it’s such a waste of an image and how fictional it is…jeez!

2. ‘Go hard, or go home’

Debatable one, this.

I firmly believe, you only get out what you put in with training but I’m smart enough, with some sessions, that it does not require 100% Every. Single. Damn. Time.

I know that training in sports differs, some require a full mental and physical capacity, which is exhausting enough. Surely though, there’s a point where a peak of some sort comes into play. For running, as an example, you have a 12-week training programme, are you then supposed to throw 100% into every session and run yourself to the ground, even if it says to run a certain time/pace?

That’s asking for an injury.

3. “Eh, but it’s just a run…?”

No. It’s ‘not just a run’ it’s my lifestyle, my escape, where I spend copious amounts of money that I don’t have on kit and races. It’s what gets me by day-to-day.

I’ve heard this sooooooooo many times and each time that it’s mentioned, all I have to do is provide a look such as, 🙃 😕, 🙄 or 😐

We all have a reason why we run and what it does to us before, during and after. Whether it’s a much-needed endorphin fix or you have an event coming up. There have been so many times where I’ve been bouncing off the walls leading up to an event and some folk just don’t get it.

It’s not just myself running, but it may be an event on TV such as the Berlin Marathon or a track and field meet such as the Diamond League or World Championships.

Which is fine, not everyone likes running or sport in general. But it does grind my gears a little when people just think that running or exercise does nothing or it’s a waste of time, even after I spend approximately 12 hours explaining the benefits.

The best way I put it, is that feeling you got as a kid on Christmas Day, especially when it’s new kit day.

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