The Vlog Is Dead

I’ve waited long enough. I think it’s about time I posted on here with a proper blog, not a shitty video post or a two sentenced update, a proper, full-length blog.

If you’ve been following my content since it started (around 2014 after my first GNR), you’ll know that there have been changes, inconsistencies and really, times where I’ve had to evolve as a creator when it came to video – we all have to do it eventually, let’s be honest.

I have no idea in terms of structure as I am actually going to waffle on for a page, so…

The vlog is dead. Not the channel, the vlog. But if you’re wondering why, it’s really simple.

I’m sick of it.

I’m tired of it.

I’m bored of it.

When I started the channel back in 2015, I’ll be totally honest, I wanted to make money and jump on the YouTube fame as soon as possible – I know, it’s foolish but I learned very quickly, that that simply wasn’t the case.

But rather than give up, I tried new things (which I highly encourage if you’re starting out) to find a click. I tried tips, I tried reviews, I tried training videos and then, vlogs. I figured that, other than Ginger Runner, there are little to no running vloggers out there, especially in the North East.

I did bits here and there but felt a little uncomfortable with it, but in 2018, after joining the very well supported Run Film Connect, I gave it a real good go. It was refreshing to engage with other running creators, see tips and watch their content. Feeling inspired, I watched YouTube promo videos, watched other vloggers and tried to apply that to my own stuff but with a twist.

Not long after that, I got to the point where I was just making content for the sake of it, I wasn’t putting 100% of my effort into it and soon enough it got really, really, boring – I felt like I was copying the other creators, I wanted to do something totally different.  

I quickly realised that vlogging just isn’t my style anymore. I’ll admit, I’m a good video editor, not great (yet) but good enough to produce solid content. I had to evolve;

How can I push the boat out with my editing?

How can I test my filmmaking skills?

Documentary filming.

I’m currently making one for this year’s Great North Run and it’s what my recent content is going to be about, as you may have already seen. It’s so much fun to do and edit, as well as really testing my limit at times.

I’ve lost count at the number of times I’ve started a project from scratch after spending hours editing, as I’ve not been happy with it or carried out re-shoots because I wasn’t happy with the angle or direction. I do love it, I won’t lie, it’s TEN times better than making a vlog. I can be personal about it and use subjects that are relatable to runners, which, so far, so good, has been positive with the community.

Will I ever go back to vlogging? Probably not. I may do the odd one now and then but I can’t see myself going back to the old content I did – I’m enjoying this kind WAY too much!

I’m not here to be average, I’m here to be awesome.