Top of the Pods

2015. That’s when I first started it and to be honest, I had doubts whether people would listen nor have an interest, then it just, well, stopped.

Making a podcast sounded like a good idea then, I wasn’t aware of any other ones out there and figured it would do well on top of the Blog/YouTube channel. This was me trying to push myself to be as creative as possible across digital media, while adding another ‘string-to-my-bow’ in terms of online skills.

I recorded four episodes an one ‘beta’ in time for the 2015 Great North Run, with the focus on trying to help runners across all abilities with their training and nutrition. The feedback and numbers were great, better than I anticipated and hoped, actually. I was ready to speak to Tracey Cramond, the millionth finisher from the 2014 GNR and then, things just dried up, I lost track of time. Well, in fact, I just lost time.

a runner's ramble 2015 podcast
The old artwork from the 2015 podcast

Videos and the blog took point while the pod was shelved and left to collect dust, so-to-speak – until 2018, when I decided to rebrand it and relaunch it.

See, I love podcasts. I listen to them when I commute to work or parkrun and even when I go to sleep. Folk like Joe Rogan, True Geordie, Marathon Talk, and Running Commentary caught my eye, more so ears, and inspired me to give it another go but REALLY push it.

I listened to as many running podcasts as I could, trying to figure what I could do differently to the others, asking questions such as…

“How can this be offbeat?”

“What topics are they not talking about?”

“Can I be honest or do I need to be fluffy?”

“Could they be video podcasts?”

A concept was created, I could draw from each of the pods that I was inspired by and add my twist on it. It was going to upfront, honest but with a hint of humour as well – didn’t want to go totally dark with it!

I gave myself four episodes to make a dint. If the feedback was good and there was a demand for more, I’d carry on. The logistics of paying for a server, making money from it and future guests would be addressed later, the focus was getting the content out.

Colin aka Big Pink Dress & Anji Andrews were my first two guests. I tested the video concept on the first episode with Colin. The number of technical difficulties I experienced was ridiculous! SD cards failing, the camera cutting-off every 30 mins and I was flapping.

Interviewing Big Pink Dress for the podcast reboot.

Luckily, Colin totally understood, actually we had a bit of a laugh about my misfortune with technology but just like that, the podcast was reborn. I spoke with GoodGym trainer and a really good friend of mine, Anji, a couple of weeks later, which, to this day, is still toughest yet honest episode I’ve done.

Before I knew it, I could feel a tiny shift for demand with the pod. I spoke with Ben Smith from The 401 Foundation, (thank you Anji!) before I ran the Prince Bishops Durham City 10k then, my sports therapist and another good friend of mine, Stephen Taylor before this year’s Great North. The insight was brilliant and it felt natural to talk to them but what really made it special was the feedback – it was amazing.

The objective was reached – four episodes. If I wanted to carry on, it was going to cost me, there’s only so many free minutes SoundCloud could provide. Was it worth the upgrade?

I looked back on the stats, the feedback and reaction that the episodes delivered. It was all incredibly positive so, I carried on. Team Tedious were in fine form for the following episode, opening up about balancing life with running and Fordy Runs talking about the highs and lows of a running YouTube Channel.

The podcast is six months old, which I can’t really believe, and in that time, it has been added to Acast, YouTube and recently, Spotify, which I’m over the moon with and the potential guests I have lined up are immense.

But those who know me from making videos/films might be wondering, will this be the end of my channel or creating video content?

The channel – HELL no.

Video content – maybe.

But that’s another blog, for another time.

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