My favourite podcasts to listen to

I’m a huge fan of podcasts.

I don’t really listen to them while out running, actually, I don’t listen to anything full stop but they seem to be fairly popular with runners and it’s easy to see, or hear, why.

If you read my blog post about why I started my own, I mention that I listen to them on a daily basis when commuting, travelling, at my desk and even falling asleep to.

According to an article by FastCompany on the Podcast Insights site, there are 525,000 active shows with 18.5 MILLION episodes available, with 49% of people listening to them in-house and 22% in the car. That’s incredible!

So with that, I thought I’d share a bunch of my favourite shows, they are not all running related. I do think that there needs to be room to explore and try different shows/genres or else you’ll get bored of the same stuff very quickly, something I’ve done in the past!

There are a few and the links cross between Spotify & Acast on, so be sure to read then check them out by clicking the title…

Did you know I have my own podcast?

1. BBC 5 Live Football Daily

I love football and have done since I first kicked a ball as a toddler, so this pod relates to me fantastically.

I used to listen to it in the past, before they changed things up with the format after the World Cup 2018, and turned off very quickly as it wasn’t as entertaining. That changed after the summer, when they binned the 90 minute length time, relaxed the presenting and brought news that could be debated or elaborated on in the world of football, it’s a must-add when I wake up first thing!

2. Roker Rapport

I ADORE this podcast. I truly do.

As a Sunderland fan, this ticks many boxes with me. Great guests, good crack and talking about the club I love, no matter how much shit it’s been through. I’ve been listening to the show since the start of 2017, sharing frustrations from fixtures. During 2018 the content has upped massively, which I’m really enjoying!

Without a shadow of a doubt, the episodes featuring Stewart Donald/Charlie Methven are my personal favorites, simply because of the refreshing level of insight within the club, something we’ve never really experienced before. The past-player interviews/post-match chat, the presenters and the site, are absolutely spot on. Without a shadow of a doubt, out of all the pods that are on this list, this one is my favourite.

3. Running Commentary

About time a running podcast was mentioned, eh?

Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering’s podcast is a wonderful blend of running and comedy. It’s two blokes, sometimes with guests, going out for a run and just talking about everyday life and the sport itself. What I love about this format is, we do this ALL THE TIME when out in a group or friends, don’t we? It’s 100% relatable.

“Thank you, Marshall!”


“He’s just off on a plod, over”

They are just a number of hilarious catchphrases that I’ve taken away from the pod and love to hear. It definitely can be enjoyed while you’re out and about or on a run, for sure.

4. Those Conspiracy Guys

Thanks to Anji for this!

Conspiracy theories are a guilty pleasure of mine, so listening to a 5 HOUR long podcast about certain topics instantly draw me in. I’m sold. Shut up and take my money.

From Ghost Theories to The Illuminati, they don’t hold back with honest chit-chat and lay it out with their thoughts, best of all, there are SO many topics to choose from and would accompany you perfectly on the longer runs, especially marathon/ultra training distances.

5. That Peter Crouch Podcast

Another football one (sorry!) and this is a great show.

It’s relatively new and just finished it’s a very first season but it’s easily been the breakout podcast so far, this year. Easily.

Peter, Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark chat about the many subjects that you want to know about being a professional footballer, dressing room ‘banter’, playing for your country and even celebrations are talked about with some hilarious anecdotes from Peter and his time with different clubs.

I have 100% laughed out loud with some of the conversations they have – it’s incredibly infectious once they get going. Already can’t wait for the second series, which hopefully will be signed off for 2019!

6. Marathon Talk

I don’t really need to say a lot as it’s without a shadow of a doubt THE running podcast.

Presented by Martin Yelling and Tom Williams, this beast of a show gives listeners the chance to share their running highlights, catch up with news and then enjoy a wonderful weekly guest. It’s ideal for long runs or long journies, 100%! I’ve had this on in the car when en route to parkrun (30 mins there and back) and on my lunchtime walks, too!

The lads have good crack, so it’s very easy listening, especially if you love your running!

7. Ginger Runner Live

Ethan is a huge inspiration to me. He’s the reason why I started a YouTube channel, if I’m honest.

So, when I discovered he produces, along with his wife, Kim, live streams and podcasts, I instantly subbed. I’ll be the first to admit that, I don’t really follow the ultra/trail scene in terms of runners or events and it’s through TGR that I’m understanding and learning more about it.

The live streams I struggle to catch, due to the time difference, but the podcast episodes are there to catch up with.


JaackMaate’s Happy Hour

If there’s one thing I love is YouTubers taking the piss out of other YouTubers and this podcast is perfect for that.

I do love the platform, even though I’ve kinda fallen out of love with the creation side, I spend my mornings watching content, including JaackMaate. It’s quite naughty with language and a bit brutal at times, but it’s a good laugh.

Flintoff, Savage and the Ping Pong Guy

I remember finding this back when I started my new job and it made the journey from Northumberland to Sunderland so much easier.

Some of the pods I’ve mentioned didn’t exist or I’d yet to discover last year, but this one was top of my list, ready for the long commute I once had. Hosted by Matthew Syed, he’s joined by Robbie Savage and Freddie Flintoff. They have ‘meaty topics’ that they discuss, from physiological prep, to mental health and even dealing with death in sport, it’s a brilliant listen, even more so now but the main reason why I listen to it, is the constant piss-taking that goes on between them is hilarious!

What’s Good with Miniminter and Randolph

I’ve only just discovered this podcast from YouTuber creators Simon Minter & Andrew Shane and already I’m a fan. It’s not as hardcore as ‘Happy Hour’ with YouTube but it’s just nice to hear from two guys that know about the platform. Well, more so, Simon, as he’s been on it for years.

Like mine, there isn’t a catalogue of episodes to listen to BUT each one has it’s own unique take on online matters.

There you have it! Those are my favourite podcasts. I hope there’s a couple there you’ll check out! Let me know what your favourite shows are!