REVIEW: NO EGO Challenge – Lambton Castle Headtorch Race

Two weeks have passed since I ran the NO EGO Challenge: Lambton Castle Headtorch Race and I thought now would be the time to post about it…albeit, late – soz!

Now, on my Instagram feed, I had a bit of a rant about running in the dark and how my confidence had been knocked a bit when night running around where I live. Long story short, went for a run, got dazzled by an oncoming car using full beams, run into a pothole, jarred my knee, tore my meniscus, out for 8 weeks.

That was enough to put a stop in running in the dark for me. Luckily the lads at Team Tedious got a weekly run started around the Quayside, so I wasn’t totally put off, got a bit of confidence and my mojo back.

So when it came to the No Ego Torch Challenge, I felt I was in my element. Fluorescent running gear, head torches, testing trails, and killer hills, that’s a bit of me, right there!

The route.

It was Peter aka Run, Just Run, who told me about this event. It was £13.50 (there a booking fee as well) to enter which is a bargain for a 5-mile race, and as an easy-to-follow course but no medal or runners tee, which was fine by me but I know how it could be a deal breaker for some runners.  

You pay online, there were no entries on the night, making sure you bring a signed waiver when you register inside Lambton Castle.

My only complaint about this was the lack of signs for drivers who may be running this for the first time or unsure of where the venue is. I got two emails with two postcodes, which was fine, I’m happy with that.

The latter took me to, what I could only assume was a social club or hall near the school. This left me flapping a bit as I didn’t know where I was and I wasn’t the only one. There was no sign in sight to offer help, so I changed the postcode and eventually got to the venue.

We gathered outside the building for the brief, which, I tried to tune in for but struggled a little as folk were talking over the marshall! But soon, enough, we were off!

Following the reflective arrows, we made our way around the trail route. We were greeted with a lovely hill just after the mile mark, followed by a fairly flat, yet, soft-under-the-foot course, as myself and Peter just plodded along, having a chat and splashing through puddles, while having a good laugh.

It wasn’t until the four-mile mark where we were welcomed by a killer of a climb towards the finish. Rather than be quick and painless, this hill seemed to last forever.

I noticed Peter was struggling, so I gave him some encouragement to get him over the top, running by him for support. He’s pulled me around so many times during past races, so I owed him my support, here.

We crossed the line at the same time in 47 minutes, but I think we were too focused on stopping our watches than a sprint finish! Nonetheless, it was a great evening and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking not just for a challenge but to try dark running if they haven’t before!