The Long Injury Layoff – Again.

It’s the weekend. I’m bored. I kill 10 minutes by clearing memory on my phone. I come across an old friend. Strava, an app I haven’t used in weeks.

Curiously, I look back at the last time I documented or uploaded my last run.

21/03/2019. 17:36.

Six weeks.

47 days.

1000 hours +.

12.88% of 2019.

That’s how long it’s been. But to me, it feels likes months.

What seemed like an innocent morning jumping on some plyometric boxes, turned out to be the start of a lengthy layoff and there’s still no sign of any comeback.

Where it began…

It’s really played with my mind. Running is a hobby, like many others out there, that pulls me out of the day-to-day life and lets me escape in my own little world for 30 minutes or so. When injury puts a stop to this, what can you do?

Cycle? Erm, no.

Swim? I bring a whole new adjective for ‘sinking’.

What hurts the most from all of this is accepting the fact that I won’t be taking part in one of my favourite events of the year – The Blaydon Races.

I’ve ran in this event since 2015 and loved it ever since. The fact that I won’t be at the start line in my Team Tedious vest with the Team Tedious lads absolutely kills me and it’s resulted in a huge mental dip.

Team Tedious.

Normally, when I’ve been injured in the past, I’ve focused on recovery and then supporting folk with upcoming events, on YouTube or watched televised events – not this time. My honest take is, and I don’t mean to sound harsh, I don’t want to know.

I don’t want to know about your marathon in London.

I don’t want to know about your parkrun time.

I don’t want to see your bling from a virtual event.

This is the reality of being injured for a long period of time. I’m envious of everyone’s running that, for now, I’ve just cut it out from my life and that’s totally unlike me. But it makes me feel awful and low seeing the smiles, the progression and mainly, the level of medals that everyone is picking up.

One of the worst things, other than running, mainly with Charlie, is letting go of events, like I’ve mentioned, as well as planning for them. I can’t liaise with the lads or friends to see if they fancy it, I can’t plan my training around them or arrange travel, it just, well, I miss it, so much.

Charlie pulling me around Newbiggin parkrun.

The doctor I visited has referred me to a physio later this month, so I could be back in time to train for the Great North Run or, for the first time, defer it, something I don’t want to do.

In the meantime, I’ve been in Emma’s gym – All Round Athletic Development – working with her with around my knee rehab; so far, so good, it’s feeling stronger. If you’ve followed my progress on Instagram, you’ll see what I’ve been up to there and this should, put me in a great place when I can finally get back onto the roads.