Jumper at heart, failed sprinter but a runner for life!

My journey of running doesn’t half ungulate at times, but here goes.

I love being active. I can’t sit still for more than a minute before I’m shuffling or on the move for no reason.

On top of that, I love sports. Athletics, Football, Basketball but running was never part of that group.

I was the kind of person who would turn off the TV if there was a 10,000m race on, judging those who braved running in the winter or go watch local running event to spot a celebrity.

I used to be sprinter with a love for 400m. I loved the training, the hard work it demanded and it kept me busy. It wasn’t long before I stopped training for it though, I deemed myself too old to look into 400m races and quit athletics after 10 years.

After that, I was bored and agitated. Agitated at the fact that I was sitting doing nothing while Emma (my partner) was training. I’d often go down and watch, while dropping into the odd core circuit to keep me sane. I began running to just keep myself healthy and fit, but before long, I started to really enjoy it, until one day I realised I could fulfill a lifelong ambition of mine.

In 2013, I took it upon myself to train for the Great North Run – I lasted one month in training. It wasn’t until the countdown was at four months, I got my arse into gear and I’ve never looked back since.

This blog is my about the trials and tribulations I’ve been through since taking to the roads. From Parkruns to half marathons, training, general topics and even the odd product review will feature, as I tell my story of converting from a simple ‘jogger’ to a runner and prove to anyone wanting to start –  can, no matter what their background is.

I’m aiming this blog to anyone and everyone that is interesting in starting running or have ran for years, from beginners right through to professionals (well, I hope so!).

By no means will this be a walk in the park!

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