Three Fitness Annoyances

Three things. Three annoying things.

I get it, fitness is a stress relief, a lifestyle or something to do when work is not involved. But I’ve been around the block, for over ten years ( a bit of a long walk, I know) and I’ve come to realise that some, not all, things that annoy the living days out of me and I’m about to go through three. Continue reading “Three Fitness Annoyances”

The One With New Beginnings

Man, I have really been lacking in the blog scene but there’s a reason!

You may or may not have seen my posts about buying a house with Emma and moving – an incredibly exciting but exhausting time, of course! Thankfully, it wasn’t as stressful due to the fact we had incredible support – thank you, you know who you are!

With this, running has taken a backseat for the working week and limiting myself to weekend running. Not that I’m complaining, any run is better than no run, isn’t it?  Continue reading “The One With New Beginnings”

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