Three Fitness Annoyances

Three things. Three annoying things.

I get it, fitness is a stress relief, a lifestyle or something to do when work is not involved. But I’ve been around the block, for over ten years ( a bit of a long walk, I know) and I’ve come to realise that some, not all, things that annoy the living days out of me and I’m about to go through three. Continue reading “Three Fitness Annoyances”


The One With One Run

Like the result of Storm Doris up here in the North East, my week of running was very, very dry.

I fancied a bit of down time and, as I had some time off, me and Emma decided to look after the dog, Patch (not ours!). If you followed my Instagram, I ran nice little story on it when I took the lad out for a long walk! Continue reading “The One With One Run”

Trails and Totum!

So, last week wasn’t perfect in terms of training – I didn’t start running until Friday!

As mentioned in my previous blog, I’m not due to start training until March time for the Sunderland 10K, so I’ve not really had the mojo, yet, to focus for upping the milage and gym work.

Instead, I used the two runs I did, to clear out the cobwebs and also implement the Totum Sport supplement too. Continue reading “Trails and Totum!”

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