My Great North Run 2017

It’s been and gone. One of the most iconic races on my running calendar has, again, been ticked off my list as I have completed my THIRD Simplyhealth Great North Run.

It’s all be highs throughout my training block and I’ve never felt stronger than I did over 11 miles –  the two and bit HURT. Continue reading “My Great North Run 2017”


Trails and Totum!

So, last week wasn’t perfect in terms of training – I didn’t start running until Friday!

As mentioned in my previous blog, I’m not due to start training until March time for the Sunderland 10K, so I’ve not really had the mojo, yet, to focus for upping the milage and gym work.

Instead, I used the two runs I did, to clear out the cobwebs and also implement the Totum Sport supplement too. Continue reading “Trails and Totum!”

Building A Runner: Week Three

Week three has started to show some significant improvements within the gym, mostly, than the running side of training.

On the roads, I ran my first 5k since the GN5K last month and it was totally pain free! Albeit, it was slightly sore at first, I’m presuming this is because I’ve not really used my hamstring muscles for a while. I think mobilising and warming up via my bike is helping massively.

Anyway, here is week three of Building A Runner!  Continue reading “Building A Runner: Week Three”

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